What’s in store for JJ?

I like Jurrjens a lot. By all accounts he’s a team guy, with a great attitude. He’s proven to be a quality major league pitcher. But not late last season, and not so far this season.

He has looked like the good JJ for innings here or there, only to start grooving pitches the next inning, so I believe there’s hope. There’s also reason for concern.

Mark Bradley writes that if Jurrjens continues to fail, there is no fall back. I’m not sure I agree. Hanson looks like he’ll be fine. It’s mighty early, but Minor, Beachy and Delgado have been OK. I think in coming weeks they are going to all be pretty good. So let’s say over the next three starts, JJ keeps scuffling, while Delgado keeps giving the team a chance to win, pitching 5-6 decent innings. Huddy’s coming back in two to three weeks.

Do you automatically send Delgado up I-85? I’m not sure. Maybe you send JJ to the bullpen and call a cab and send Durbin to Hartsfield-Jackson. A rotation of Huddy, Hanson, Beachy, Minor and Delgado, with this offense if it keeps clicking, and this bullpen is a formidable club. Keep in mind, too, that Teheran, who devoured the AAA International League last season, appears to be regaining his form. Ideally, of course, JJ bounces back and we have an excess of quality pitching.  And maybe FW has a chip to move for whatever the club needs in July, assuming Liberty lets him spend a few bucks.

Even if JJ continues to sputter, I think this team could be alright.


6 thoughts on “What’s in store for JJ?

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  1. I agree. Even if JJ implodes, there are great options for filling his spot.

    He’s a smart pitcher; he’s got a record of success; he’ll be fine.

  2. Being a glass is half empty, broken on the floor and I just stepped into the shards type of guy, I’ll suggest that Roger McDowell has not yet coached up a young pitcher during his stint in ATL.

  3. Well, Rob, he’s got plenty of chances now, with Minor, Beachy and Delgado. You could say Hanson and JJ have generally done well under Roger. I don’t think it’s his fault they’ve gotten hurt.

  4. With JJ the claim is that he needed orthotics in his shoe(s), I believe, which should fall somewhere in the realm of coaching/development/training. Which is consistent with a team that constantly suffers oblique injuries yet has never considered a “flexibility” coach. I haven’t watched Hanson this season so I can’t say if he still has a motion that seems to guarantee arm problems. Don’t get me wrong. I hope they’re all aces by October. But the NL has become a pitching league, and we need to move from a team with pitching potential to a team that pitches like it’s 1992.

  5. rankin’ rob, I think our young pitchers’ difficulty consistently pitching deep into games buttresses your point.

  6. I am, at the very least, skeptical of McDowell and his track record here. Maybe he’s terrific behind the scenes but he gives off a definite Just Here For The Check vibe to me.

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