The last 0-3 start

In 2003 the Braves were swept at home in their opening series vs. the Expos, who outscored the local nine 17-2. They won their fourth game, 12-7, then lost 17-1 to the Fish (with Mad Dog on the mound). The Bravos lost the Hall of Famer-to-be’s next start, 16-2. Three days later Florida beat the Braves 12-5, dropping the home team’s record to 4-8.

They finished the month 17-10 en route to 101 wins.

I’m not comparing the two teams — the ’12 Braves have more talented arms, the ’03 Bravos stouter bats and, of course, a better manager. But it’s too early to freak out.


3 thoughts on “The last 0-3 start

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  1. Office, ring the bell for one of The Cat’s toughest foes, Chief Jay Strongbow, who lived in Georgia.

  2. And I’m guessing the last 0-4 start didn’t follow an 0-5 end to the previous season.

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