Open Thread, 4.9.12, Bravos vs. Rafael Landestoys

Just win a game. Please.


14 thoughts on “Open Thread, 4.9.12, Bravos vs. Rafael Landestoys

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  1. Whose ready for more of that Jack Wilson magic?! (although he did account for an RBI yesterday)

  2. We’ll get to see more of that Matt Diaz and Juan Francisco magic, with Heyward riding the pine tonight. Guess you can’t play the only guy with a clutch hit this season three straight games.

  3. I have only heard radio so far, but my impression is Heyward is seeing the ball well. He should have batted cleanup yesterday, given his past performance against Niese. Instead he was dropped to No. 7.

  4. Nice night for Wren’s late spring acquisitions — 4 runs (so far) in 2.1 innings, and 3 errrors . This team looks worse than the team that finished last season.

  5. Just shaking my head at this point. Is it possible to start a campaign to convince Liberty Media sell the team? I’m talking about taking banners to the game and putting them in the outfield, kind fo the opposite of “Thanks Bobby” and “Andruw’s Brew Crew”; just something to get their attention that Braves fans are tired of them and their management. Not that they’d give two shits, but worth a try…

    So the best we can hope for is 2 – 4 when they get home later this week. And somehow I feel like even that is asking a lot.

  6. Ditto CD. Livan is old. Chad Durbin is the new Scott Proctor. And Francisco is the new Wily Mo Pena, who could never field worth a shit either.

    All of that plus the telecast now has a sideline reporter and a twitter reporter that, along with Chip, is working to poison my viewing experience.

  7. I love you guys. But for the love of Rabbit Maranville could you please quit changing the layout of this site every day? It’s kind of like a tweeting Chip in the middle of my Rowland’s Office experience.

  8. That’s on me, Rob. This theme has a lot of options so I’ve been tinkering. I’m done. The open threads will be collected in the slider on top, then a featured category below, followed by latest posts. Thanks for your indulgence.

  9. atl, Do you think you could restore the official Braves MLB link at the top? I don’t know about others, but I just come here, than link to all the other Braves news, and that’s the only one missing (and it comes and goes).

  10. Our pitching has been offensive. Beachy and the gang were issuing walks like left and right. Beachy, Livan and Chad D were hammered by tossing gopher balls to a team that will undoubtedly finish in last place in their division. If we can’t limit the no-name ‘Stros to less than 8 runs we are in trouble.

    Let’s hope Hanson delivers tonight and the offense gets it going. And one final thing — the secret is out on the Braves: they can’t hit left handers.

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