Fredi Haas benches Jay Hey, starts Diaz

So Jay Hey is not in the line-up tonight because his manager is a moron, opting to start Diaz instead.

Fire Fredi Haas!


9 thoughts on “Fredi Haas benches Jay Hey, starts Diaz

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  1. If JayHey play, then Prado’s at third, and Beachy gets out of the third inning without being scored on and without making a lot of pitches. Which means he probably gets through the sixth rather than being done after five. Which means that Hernandez and Durbin don’t ever leave the bullpen. Having to get the third out in the third three frigging times cost the Braves the game.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to argue with any part of this statement. I understand Fredi wants to get an idea of what Francisco can do against left-handers, but aren’t there better opportunities to do that when the team isn’t in an 0-3 hole to start the season and hard up for a win? It’s not like there won’t come a time when Chipper will require an off day(s)…

  3. I feel like we’re in for a season the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1980s. We needed a solid start for everyone–players and fans. That hasn’t happened.

  4. Fredi: “You know what, I gotta hand it to bin Laden. The CIA, Israel, you name it were all after him for years. And that guy toughed it out for a long time.”

  5. Diaz is proving to be beyond any usefulness. The amount of playing time he’s had this early speaks volumes about this team.

  6. I don’t get to watch the games because I live out of market, but although Hanson struggled to get through the bottom of the fifth, why do you pinch-hit for him with two out in the top of the sixth? The chances of starting a two-out rally are so remote as to not be worth further burdening an overtaxed bullpen. We still haven’t had a starting pitcher make it through six innings this season. And that’s what’s going to ruin the bullpen again this season.

  7. Hanson had thrown 100 pitches and was laboring. I thought it was the right move. At this point the bullpen is not overtaxed. Medlen hadn’t pitched in a few days. Neither had O’Flaherty nor Venters and Kimbrel had not pitched in a regular season game. You obviously hope the starters start going deeper regularly, but I don’t think at 0-4 you push a guy and risk losing a game for the sole purpose of having a starter go six innings.

  8. Didn’t know Hanson had thrown 100 pitches. Like I say, I don’t get to see the games.

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