Open Thread, 4/7, Bravos vs. Pete Falcones

I wonder if Yankees fans are freaking out over Mariano Rivera’s blown save yesterday (helluva game in Tampa, btw). At least they scored some runs. Maybe Juan Francisco will produce in his Braves debut.

R.A. Dickey is 1-4 vs. the Bravos with a 4.01 ERA. Meanwhile, JJ had 8 wins against the Mets.

Let’s get some fucking runs! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter during the game:  @RowlandsOffice


7 thoughts on “Open Thread, 4/7, Bravos vs. Pete Falcones

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  1. I remember friend telling me years ago that Pete Falcone’s nickname when he was with the Mets was “Bang-Zoom”. Because when he threw the ball, that’s what happened.

  2. Even though everything is available online, nothing beats opening up my morning newspaper and poring over box scores.

    Melkey Cabrera has more home-runs this year than the entire Braves team.

  3. Petey Falcone was a good pitcher and a former Brave. I was hoping we could use a real load crap as for the ex-met game thread like, Rick Ownbey.

    also, Lucas Duda is a stud.

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