Braves acquire power-hitting prospect (and this trade’s for real)

First, the good news. Newly acquired Brave Juan Francisco has a .502 slugging percentage in the minors, a cannon arm and had four homers this spring. Unfortunately, the negative outweighs the positive when it comes to Francisco, 24. He’s struck out nearly one-third of his AB’s this spring, isn’t much of a defender, came to camp overweight and has never walked more than 24 times in a season.

Think a lefty-hitting Edwin Encarnacion. Not great, but the price was reasonable (Hoover never projected as more than a middle reliever with the Bravos).

Francisco, out of options, is certain to be on the Opening Day roster, giving the Braves bench a decided tilt toward lumbering corner guys.


11 thoughts on “Braves acquire power-hitting prospect (and this trade’s for real)

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  1. Not a bad move. Small sample size, but his MLB walk rate is slightly higher than it was in the minors. Still a concern, but could be a solid backup/pinch hitter. What if, god forbid, Hinske hits the skids like Norton did a few years back?

  2. Not a bad move at all. I don’t see him becoming the regular after Chipper retires because of his high K/ low walk numbers and his mediocre fielding.The guy does have power, though. I see him as a Wily Mo Pena type.

  3. Hmmm… this knocks Constanza down to AAA, doesn’t it? I would rather have Constanza in left field while Prado plays third. What we lose in power we gain in speed.

  4. Constanza was great for about 3 weeks then almost completely lost the ability to hit or get on base. I’d love to see him make the team but even if he does I think he’s now more of a pinch runner Fredi will use late in close games.

    I agree that Francisco is probably like Wily Mo Pena. Not a superstar; has some glaring weaknesses. Even so, I think FW was smart to pick him up.

  5. Young pitching staff plus shaky left side of infield = bad things. I hope Pastor Nicky and the Chipper Pradsisco platoon doesn’t remind us some of the sieves we threw out there back in the 1980s.

  6. By the time Wilson and Chipper are healthy we could be 10 games back. Francisco will win a few games with his bat to compensate for his defense, something that probably cannot be said of Pastornicky.

  7. wuky, Costanza? I was kinda hoping for Jordan Parraz. But then, I thought Endy Chavez would have been a good off-season investment of $1.5M. Oh well. Seems like a decent fit acquired for a minimal price.

  8. Constanza went into a slump, and apparently Fredi gave up on him. I hope he gets a better shot sometime, but probably not as he doesn’t have much trade value.

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