Braves acquire power-hitting prospect (and this trade’s for real)

First, the good news. Newly acquired Brave Juan Francisco has a .502 slugging percentage in the minors, a cannon arm and had four homers this spring. Unfortunately, the negative outweighs the positive when it comes to Francisco, 24. He’s struck out nearly one-third of his AB’s this spring, isn’t much of a defender, came to camp overweight and has never walked more than 24 times in a season.

Think a lefty-hitting Edwin Encarnacion. Not great, but the price was reasonable (Hoover never projected as more than a middle reliever with the Bravos).

Francisco, out of options, is certain to be on the Opening Day roster, giving the Braves bench a decided tilt toward lumbering corner guys.

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  1. tbone82 says:

    Not a bad move. Small sample size, but his MLB walk rate is slightly higher than it was in the minors. Still a concern, but could be a solid backup/pinch hitter. What if, god forbid, Hinske hits the skids like Norton did a few years back?

  2. cardjunk says:

    I knew I recognized that name… I saw Juan hit a monster home run off of Craig Kimbrel at a game at Coolray a couple years ago.

    I am completely cool with giving up Hoover for some Chipper insurance that could end up becoming a long-term replacement at 3rd or LF.

  3. Graeme says:

    In more good news, he has his own knees.

  4. cleteboyerfan says:

    Not a bad move at all. I don’t see him becoming the regular after Chipper retires because of his high K/ low walk numbers and his mediocre fielding.The guy does have power, though. I see him as a Wily Mo Pena type.

  5. Jack Straw says:

    Hmmm… this knocks Constanza down to AAA, doesn’t it? I would rather have Constanza in left field while Prado plays third. What we lose in power we gain in speed.

  6. pepefreeus says:

    I sort of feel like Jack. I was hoping for a team with some speed this year.

  7. wuky says:

    Constanza was great for about 3 weeks then almost completely lost the ability to hit or get on base. I’d love to see him make the team but even if he does I think he’s now more of a pinch runner Fredi will use late in close games.

    I agree that Francisco is probably like Wily Mo Pena. Not a superstar; has some glaring weaknesses. Even so, I think FW was smart to pick him up.

  8. rankin' rob says:

    Young pitching staff plus shaky left side of infield = bad things. I hope Pastor Nicky and the Chipper Pradsisco platoon doesn’t remind us some of the sieves we threw out there back in the 1980s.

  9. Jack Straw says:

    By the time Wilson and Chipper are healthy we could be 10 games back. Francisco will win a few games with his bat to compensate for his defense, something that probably cannot be said of Pastornicky.

  10. Tokyokie says:

    wuky, Costanza? I was kinda hoping for Jordan Parraz. But then, I thought Endy Chavez would have been a good off-season investment of $1.5M. Oh well. Seems like a decent fit acquired for a minimal price.

  11. tbone82 says:

    Constanza went into a slump, and apparently Fredi gave up on him. I hope he gets a better shot sometime, but probably not as he doesn’t have much trade value.

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