Checking in

So our projected opening day starter walked six today in 2-plus. Tyler Pastornicky has more errors than hits and Braves wins combined. And now the Viz is sidelined with elbow discomfort.

It’s simplistic to say spring games are meaningless. In some ways, yes. But when you have a pitcher coming back from injury struggle mightily — as have all Braves starters not named Mike Minor — you tend to worry. Especially in a division that’s ace-heavy. Best-case scenario, the Braves have one potential ace in 2012. He’s yet to pitch.

And then there’s Fredi.

Uncompromisin’, not enterprisin’, completely tranquilizing

Right on Fredi!


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  1. The sky is falling chicken little. Where is Pat. Rockett when you need him. I know its just spring training, but for a team that fell apart the last month of the season 1-9 does not do much to generate optimism and sell tickets. I think it might be a good idea for Fredi to give our regulars one more at bat per game, it would help the bitters and maybe put a couple more W’s on the board.

  2. Our starting pitching was the best in baseball last year until injuries knocked them all out. If we’re healthy, we’ll be okay. Every team worries about their pitchers’ fragility. Starting pitchers not named Halladay these days pitch fewer innings and still break down more often.

  3. Fredi says, “We’re close”? The only thing we’re close to is being 0-for-Florida.

  4. Shortstop concerns me. As every Braves fan of a certain age can attest, a bad shortstop single-handedly adds an entire run to the team ERA.
    Look for Wilson to take over as soon as he is healthy, maybe even sooner.

  5. Smoltz always sucked in the spring. I’m more worried about the offense and Fredi’s lack of worry.

    as the rasslin’ fan once said “it’s real to me damn it!

  6. Furcal made the jump from A to the majors in ’00, can Simmons do the same thing this year?

  7. Bowman is floating that Simmons idea, so Wren must be considering it. So much for the confidence expressed for Pastornicky over the winter.

    An infield of Chipper, Pastornicky, and Uggla won’t exactly be airtight. It would be good to have someone out there who has some range.

  8. With all these young pitchers, neither of those options is palatable. After catcher, shortstop is the most important position on the field. Playing an aging Wilson every day makes much more sense. Doesn’t matter if he hits or not.

  9. Braves lost 5-4 today. Venters allowed two runs in a middle inning. His ERA is 6.75. Fredi ruined his arm last year. Panic! As for shortstop, it’d be fun to see Simmons get the job. Furcal jumped from A ball to the bigs and was rookie of the year.

  10. Glad we saved all that money instead of bringing in a SS! Hopefully it’ll all work itself out somehow.

  11. Chipper says his knee is killing him and he might retire before the year is out…

  12. Simmons jumping from A ball to the Bigs may be the best story of the year for this team….

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