Big win today

Yeah, I know. I can hear all y’all smart fellas now. “Come on, now, Duane, it’s just spring training. They ain’t even really trying to win. The capital of Iran and Of the Cat are just kids. Couple of bad innings. Wind was blowing out. Blah. blah, freakin blah.” Any of y’all ever strapped it up and got after somebody?

For old time's sake, one last time.
Lemme give you little pussy boys a clue. It’s called competition. It’s called attitude. It’s called wantin it. And it starts on day mother fucking one. That’s right. You establish attitude and focustude — I like that — right from the start. But our wily manager looks to be picking up right where he left off. So when Teheran and Delgado are working at some restaurant on Buford Highway in July, don’t come crying to ole Duane.

This is trouble. Or could be. Maybe today was what this team needed to get things turned around. Finally scored some runs. Got a victorry. That’s what it’s all about winning. Learning to win. Like Guy Lombardo said, if winning ain’t everything, it’s damn sure close. Or something like that.

Anyhow. Today’s win makes me feel a little better. Cept for, by the way, it’s all over with Brenda. I’m gonna try to get alimony from her. I’m meeting tomorrow with a lawyer from that outfit that advertises on sports radio, says they represent men in “complex allegations” and talk about how your wife comes in one day and out of the blue says she don’t love you no more. That aint’ exactly what happened, but we’ll see how it turns out.

If you’re wondering, no I ain’t voting tomorrow. I don’t like any of them sunsabitches. I got a part-time job with the city of Jonesboro, so I’m all for big government, homes. I want my job to get bigger, not smaller. Peace out and go Braves!



4 thoughts on “Big win today

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  1. The fact that all those homes runs were hit tells me Teheran was in the strike zone. That’s a good thing.

  2. I don’t worry too much about Spring Training except when a team seems to lack the ability to hit and score at all. What a crappy first week. Hope the vets start swinging it a little more as they play more innings.

  3. if winning ain’t so important in spring training, then why the hell do they even keep score

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