Braves soon to be a small market club, thanks to Time Warner

You’ve probably heard about those new regional TV contracts that have allowed teams like the Rangers and Angels to spend big this offseason. That got me optimistic, since the Braves, more than most, are truly a regional team.

But the Bravos won’t be able to take advantage of that enhanced revenue stream for 20-plus years, thanks to the team’s previous corporate overlords.

“Whenever old [TV] deals are up and new deals get realized, there are big jumps in value. I have predicted that, knew it was coming,” McGuirk said. “And I think we have an undervalued local rights [deal].

“That being said, we inherited a deal that was done under [previous owner Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner] a little over four years ago, before the sale, that lasts out through 25 years. So there is no opportunity for a different deal than the one we have. Every single set of games on the different networks that we are seen on [Fox Sports South, SportSouth and Peachtree TV] are all 25-year deals or thereabouts.”

McGuirk said the deals call for “cost-of-living type increases” each year, but contain no options for renegotiation.

Corporate ownership sure has been good for the Bravos, hasn’t it? Score another gutter ball for Bud.


10 thoughts on “Braves soon to be a small market club, thanks to Time Warner

  1. A 25 year local TV deal????
    Why did we think that was a good idea?
    I don’t want to think about how old I will be when that contract is up.

  2. McGuirk says he knew it was coming — did he say anything at the time? Did TimeWarner just not give a fuck? Likely.

    I think the left and right can agree on this: Corporate ownership of sports teams suck. The NFL realizes it, Bumbling Bud does not.

  3. I have read this twice now and every time it make me want to find the idiot that decided to sign that deal and kick him in the nuts. to quote the Braves FO, we wont go after spending big on free agents because those long contracts don’t work, but apparently that doesn’t stop us from signing a terrible long term restrictive TV contract that allows for NO CHANGES? WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?

  4. Um, did Time Warner give some sort of sweetheart deal to one of its subsidiaries before dumping the franchise on Liberty solely so it could enjoy a huge tax break? To this day, I cannot think of one reason why Bud should have been so accommodating to the outgoing ownership, except, of course, he wanted to stick it to the franchise that abandoned his hometown.

    Worst. Pro. Sports. Commissioner. Ever.

  5. Or, I guess I should say, I’m assuming that Time Warner lowballed the rights contract in a quid per quo with Fox on keeping capita charges on its cable sports channels stable for Time Warner Cable.

  6. I think Bud does everything he can to screw Atlanta to avenge the city of Milwaukee also. The fact that the Brewers are allowed to wear Milwaukee Braves uni’s and sell them on their MLB website instead of Seattle Pilots items, is proof to that.

  7. I like the city of Milwaukee and would like to root for the Brewers, but the used car salesman prevents me from doing so.

  8. VRL is exactly right. That churlish cunt has had it in for the current team for a long, long time.

    That stunt of them wearing the Braves uniforms that time still enrages me. I can imagine the reaction that would’ve happened if the Dodgers had pulled into Citi Field, only to see the Mutts wearing Brooklyn home uniforms.

  9. I’m more upset that the bastard now has a statue outside Miller Park, along with Bad Henry.

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