That second WC may come in handy

According to Buster Olney, rival execs believe the Nats are going to land Prince Fielder, bad news for Braves fans. Adding him to a line-up that already boasts Ryan Zimmerman, Michael Morse and Jayson Werth (a decent bet to rebound with those big guns protecting him in the batting order) — along with up-and-comers Wilson Ramos, Danny Espinosa and Bryce Harper — sends a message that the future is now in D.C.

While their pitching lacks the depth of the Braves staff, it’s fronted by a trio of young studs (Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman and Gio Gonzalez) and anchored by top set-up reliever Tyler Clippard and stud closer Drew Storen.

The Marlins have grabbed the headlines so far this offseason but even if they don’t sign Fielder I fear the Nats more.


8 thoughts on “That second WC may come in handy

  1. Next season is definitely going to be more of a test for us to make the playoffs than last year. With the exception of the Mets, the other 4 teams are not too far apart in the talent department.

    If the teams stay healthy, then it might be a dogfight with the division winner maybe reaching 90 wins, with 4th place around 84 – 86 wins. At the very least, we should have some exciting (read: nerve-wracking) baseball to watch next year!

  2. I still think Fielder flames out in two or three years. I can’t think of any guy with his body type and that long of a swing who didn’t go downhill in a hurry once he lost a little bat speed around age 30.

  3. T, I agree with you, cpmpletely. He’s a sudden decline waiting to happen.

    He also consistently plays 162 games a year, which is almost always a bad idea (see Dale and Andruw, among many others, for proof.)

  4. Prince Fielder is a Boog Powell waiting to happen. When his skills go, they’ll go QUICK. Of course, I fully expect some GMs to start offering 7 year deals for him.

  5. I cant remember the opposing team, i recall footage of Fielder trying to throw down in the locker room. Throw in the fact he is what i consider to be overweight, doubt he gets anything over 5 from an AL team

  6. In Fielder’s defense he’s never missed more than four games in a season and is still only 27. I wouldn’t give him over six years but the dude is a beast, finishing with an OPS above 1.000 twice (.981 in ’11).

  7. All those games played are going to catch up to him, sooner rather than later. He’s a classic example of a guy who looks great on paper who absolutely is not worth the headache.

    Fielder was trying to get into the Dodgers locker room in LA to have a go with Mike Piazza’s close pal Guillermo Mota.

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