Just when you thought you couldn’t hate the BoSox more …

Red Sox hire Bobby Valentine


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  1. roadrunner says:

    This is going to end up a flaming wreck. I love it.

  2. PepeFreeUs says:

    The one thing that trainwreck had going for it last year was an even keeled, selfless manager. Now they’ve got Bucky McLookatme running the circus instead.

  3. Jack Straw says:

    What a pic. He looks like he is gonna leave the Tijuana dugout and head over to the donkey show.

  4. clete boyer fan says:

    Following the Bosox is going to be so much fun. This has clusterfuck written all over it. I think the over/under will be July before Valentine and Larry Lucchino get into a fistfight.

  5. rankin' rob says:

    Is that a Dirty Sanchez?

  6. roadrunner says:

    Lucchino and Henry were behind the leaking of Francona’s medical info. They’ve denied it, but it’s revealing that they’re not too concerned with finding out who did it. I don’t know what’s more appalling: what they did or the lack of outrage about this act in Red Sox Nation.

  7. tbone82 says:

    Speaking of annoying clusterfuck teams… the Cubs now have Dale Sveum as pitching coach and Chris Bosio as pitching coach. I am trying not to laugh.

  8. Is Billy Jo Robidoux going to be hitting coach?

  9. PepeFreeUs says:

    Luccino & Henry deserve Valentine and he deserves them. And all of their nouveau asshole fans deserve them, Lackey, Beckett and the whole grisly mess.

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