Just when you thought you couldn’t hate the BoSox more …

Red Sox hire Bobby Valentine


9 thoughts on “Just when you thought you couldn’t hate the BoSox more …

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  1. The one thing that trainwreck had going for it last year was an even keeled, selfless manager. Now they’ve got Bucky McLookatme running the circus instead.

  2. What a pic. He looks like he is gonna leave the Tijuana dugout and head over to the donkey show.

  3. Following the Bosox is going to be so much fun. This has clusterfuck written all over it. I think the over/under will be July before Valentine and Larry Lucchino get into a fistfight.

  4. Lucchino and Henry were behind the leaking of Francona’s medical info. They’ve denied it, but it’s revealing that they’re not too concerned with finding out who did it. I don’t know what’s more appalling: what they did or the lack of outrage about this act in Red Sox Nation.

  5. Speaking of annoying clusterfuck teams… the Cubs now have Dale Sveum as pitching coach and Chris Bosio as pitching coach. I am trying not to laugh.

  6. Luccino & Henry deserve Valentine and he deserves them. And all of their nouveau asshole fans deserve them, Lackey, Beckett and the whole grisly mess.

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