Wren on the record: Payroll will increase

GM Frank Wren told Jim Bowden of Sirius XM Radio that the Braves will increase their payroll in 2012, but that doesn’t mean they’ll pursue top free agent shortstops (all Twitter links). Wren indirectly ruled free agents Jimmy Rollins and Jose Reyes out by expressing a strong preference for one-year deals.

Though the Braves remain open-minded regarding possible trades, Wren explained that a free agent signing is more likely. Shortstop prospect Tyler Pastornicky is not ready for full-time MLB duty, according to Wren. Alex Gonzalez, Atlanta’s shortstop since July 2010, hits free agency with a Type B ranking (Reyes and Rollins are Type As).


9 thoughts on “Wren on the record: Payroll will increase

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  1. I wouldn’t take Rollins for the price or Reyes for any reason.

    Heyward becomes key to 2012. Was last year a a sophmore slump or is he headed for a bust of Komminskian proportions? Will we see Brian McCann play some left field to limit wear and tear?

  2. I like Gonzalez. He makes all the plays he is supposed to, and a few more. I also think his hitting will improve some. He is still pretty young. What kind of salary will he command?

  3. I think Gonzo’s stats make him look better than he actually was, and that’s saying something. He was terrible when it counted, killed so many rallies and stranded so many baserunners in scoring position. I don’t think his defense, which was good, compensates for his lack of offense.

  4. There isn’t any talk about Wilson getting the job. The difference between he and Gonzo doesn’t seem to be all that great.

  5. At this point I’d take Wilson over Gonzo. Wilson has a lot less power but he strikes out a lot less, makes better contact, and he and Gonzo are equal with the glove.

  6. I agree on Wilson. I think, realistically, that it’s a stop-gap until Pastornicky or another prospect develop.

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