Could the Braves have the lowest payroll in the NL East?

Probably not in 2012, as Ken Rosenthal reports the Braves are likely to raise payroll, although I’m guessing it will be a modest (think $5 million) increase, if any.

It’ll be a slight jump compared to the Nats and Marlins, who are reportedly bidding on the likes of Pujols, Fielder, C.J. Wilson and Reyes. Signing just one of those players would bump their payrolls — $63 million and $56 million in 2011, respectively — into the Braves’ neighborhood.

That neighborhood will also likely include the Mets, looking to shed a significant amount from the $118 million it spent last season. How does you spend $118 million and end up with R.J. Dickey as your ace?


3 thoughts on “Could the Braves have the lowest payroll in the NL East?

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  1. For starters, you agree to defer money owed to Bobby Bonilla for 25 years – fully paid with interest.

  2. Now that’s the worst contract ever, and this from an organization that signed a broken-down Luis Castillo, Kris Benson, Kaz Matsui and OLIVER PEREZ (three years, $36 mil).

  3. I wouldn’t call Oliver Perez broken down, but only because it implies that he once achieved a stature that wasn’t already broken.

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