Twenty years ago tonight, Bobby said Wohlers and got Leibrandt

Hey, it happens. And the Metrodome was a helluva lot louder than the Ballpark in Arlington.

A lot of people criticized bringing in Charlie Leibrandt to face the Twins in the bottom of the 11th of Game 6 but it’s not like Bobby had options. Mike Stanton and Alejandro Pena had already pitched two innings apiece in relief of Steve Avery. There wasn’t much left to choose from.

Jim Clancy? Randy St. Claire? Mark Wohlers, a rookie who walked 13 in 19 IP after being called up to Atlanta? Fellow southpaw Kent Mercker was also available, but he hadn’t struck out Kirby Puckett twice, as Leibrandt did in Game 1 of the series. And right-handed hitters batted only .237 against Leibrandt in ’91.

Why not Leibrandt?

9 thoughts on “Twenty years ago tonight, Bobby said Wohlers and got Leibrandt

  1. I actually watched this game in its entirety a couple weeks back… after how remarkable he was in the LCS against Pittsburgh, I thought there was no way we were going to a seventh game. Erickson actually gave the Twins a decent outing in this game as well – what a lot of people don’t remember is Kelly was on the fence about even starting him because he had been so bad down the stretch.

    I always wonder how the series would have played out had Otis not gotten busted for the nose candy. Skates certainly didn’t help with his baserunning blunders – plural – but it’s not as though Nixon was going to go out and hit three jacks.

    And the following year, was Ron Gant significantly worse for the team in ’92? I had completely forgotten Bobby started – rightfully so, it appeared – Sanders against right-handed pitching in the majority of the games in the ’92 series against the Jays. Even with a DH, it was Lonnie getting the at bats and Gant riding the pain. Apparently I had forgotten that.

  2. It was the right call in the situation. I’ve never lost any sleep over it.

    Chuckles gets ripped for this game by Braves fans and everyone in the wider world but I am proud he was a member of those teams. Puckett got the big hit but he was still a fraud and a violent miscreant. Those assholes can keep him.

  3. He shoulda pitched Mercker, who had the gas. Another Bobby Cox moment among many.

  4. I ain’t hating on Uggla at all….

    Bobby made the right decision with Leibrandt; they’ve both gotten unnecessary flak about this. Mercker and Wohlers threw gas but could have control issues. And Charlie got righties out and had the previous success against Puckett.

    I am greatly enjoying listening to the Texas announcers. Good to hear Steve Busby, a favorite pitcher of mine back in the seventies.

  5. Yeah. Great decision on Leibrandt. Right. I suppose you liked it when he pulled Deion out of final game the World Series in ’92 also.

    On another note, Texas and St. Louis have more clutch hits in six games in October than we had in 162 from April through September. Greg Walker better bring along some fairy dust from the Midwest to sprinkle on our bats.

  6. Rob, Bobby had several good reasons to go with Leibrandt. As far as benching Deion for Gant? Umm…, nope, can’t think of a good reason for that one.

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