Inspiration for J.D.’s diary

Sox personnel were baffled as to why J.D. Drew played so little in September with a minor knuckle fracture.

I thought the BoSox braintrust was supposed to be smart. How could anyone be surprised by J.D.’s unwillingness to play through a minor boo-boo?


5 thoughts on “Inspiration for J.D.’s diary

  1. Not to belabor the whole scouts-sabermetrics thing (every sensible organization uses a blend of the two, the Braves included) but this is a by product of looking solely at numbers and ignoring the evidence that some guys are simply unmotivated assholes.

    I got into it with more than a couple of people a few years ago who would always gush about Lastings Milledge’s athleticism and perceived potential upside and completely ignore (or dismiss as irrelevant) the manifest evidence that he was an immature, unfocused schmoe.

  2. Guaranteed contracts are killing MLB baseball. You don’t play/perform, you don’t get paid. See: DLowe, JD and a myriad of others.

  3. Couldn’t disagree more. Tim Hudson’s got a guaranteed contract. So does Bourn and so did Smoltz. Don’t judge everyone by the behavior of the assholes.

  4. Not sure I see your argument. The NFL is much closer to having it right than MLB. The Cardinals’ dilemma with Pujols is a perfect example — he’s the best player in the league but they don’t want to pay the guy $30 mil a year when he’s 40+ and likely mimicking Chipper’s 2011 production, at best. I’d rather spend half as much as a fan at the park than pay for Mike Hampton to pick his nose in the dugout while nursing a nipple injury for two years.

  5. Believe that if you want. I don’t have time or the inclination to try to change your mind.

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