30 thoughts on “To quote Ralph from Ben Hill …

  1. Please explain to me why Lowe was still in the game to give up 4 runs. We can’t score 4 runs. He should’ve gotten the hook after 2 at the most.

  2. Jesus Christ on a Crostini, I’ve seen tire fires that are prettier than the Braves’ September performance.

  3. I couldn’t believe it when Lowe was batting for himself in the 4th. Fredi should be fired just for letting Lowe start, let alone going 4+ innings in a critical game. What a pathetic joke this team has become. Where’s the fire from the team? Where’s the heart?

  4. St. Louis gets down 5-0 and it takes them one inning to score 5 and tie it up. St. Louis gets down 6-5 and it takes them a couple of innings to throw 4 more on the board. The Braves couldn’t score 9 runs against an instructional league long reliever.

  5. If this continues to go south, it will be only the second time that something like it has happened to me (i.e., having a lead and a good shot at October, only to be caught late.)

    Only in ’83 did anything at all similar happen.

  6. Gonzalez shouldn’t be fired, he should be committed to a mental institution. For if insanity is repeating the same action expecting a different result and not getting one, what is continuing to pitch Derek Lowe?

  7. Ha! Jabronie…..cool word.

    What a miserable performance this past two weeks from the team. It just appears that they have no gumption at all…no fire…no nothin’.

  8. I think that, if anything, they’re trying too hard, pressing at the plate especially. I don’t know if that’s Fredi’s fault. The players are highly paid professionals so ultimately it’s up to them to perform, or not. Much of the offensive woes of late start with McCann and Prado. They’ve disappeared in the second half. And I’m pretty sure those two guys have plenty of desire. For whatever reason, it’s just not working for them. I don’t mention Heyward. His problems have obviously been season-long and so have not been a big factor in the recent unpleasantness. Again, I hardly think Heyward has not been trying all season or doesn’t care.

    My best summation is it’s a nasty stew of: pitching injuries, which contributed to bullpen overuse; critical bullpen failures either because of overuse or just plain bad timing for rare mistakes; season-long offensive struggles which got even worse with McCann’s injury and subsequent slump and Prado’s extended slump; pressing by guys like Uggla recently as the offensive torpor deepened and the WC lead dwindled; less than optimal managing and probably a poor hitting coach. That’s just my opinion.

  9. I don’t know if TP is the answer, at least as hitting coach (he may yet be a better manager). He clearly did a better job than Parrish has done, but the Office and every other Braves outlet lamented TP as hitting coach on many occasions, and i think most of us were happy to see him demoted.

  10. Ralph “from Ben Hill” was an racist idiot when he was in Atlanta. I’m assuming he’s not around (dirt nap, hospital, etc.) anymore. Hahahahahah!!!!!

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