The curse of Curb

The Red Sox, whose ACE Josh Beckett LOST to BALTIMORE last night, putting them into a TIE with Tampa, have a new curse.

Ever since Bill Buckner made a guest appearance on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the Boston Red Sox have been prettay, prettay, prettay … bad.

The question now: Did he curse the Red Sox again?

Before Buckner appeared on the show on Sept. 4, the Red Sox were well positioned for a playoff spot. They were 84-55 and had a stranglehold on the AL Wild Card with an outside chance to catch the Yankees for the AL East division title.

But ever since, Boston has been reeling.

One more reason to love “Curb Your Enthusiasm”: Buckner gets redemption and the Sox take it in the ass.


4 thoughts on “The curse of Curb

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  1. Susie should give them a pep talk: “Get up off your asses and score a touchdown already!”

  2. Last night the Bosox received a wonderful gift from one of our favorite ex-Brave pitchers. Some of the headlines about this pitcher included:

    Today, Boston Gives Thanks for Scott Proctor

    Proctor Burn

    Scott Proctor sucks the life out of Yanks feel-good series win vs. the Red Sox

    Joe Girardi, Scott Proctor Help Save the Sox’s Season

  3. Sure, it makes for an interesting story, but remember that before the sox had an “outside chance” to catch the yankees, they had actually been leading them for much of the season. I’m afraid i can’t buy the “curse of ‘curb'” story…the sox’ collapse goes back a little farther.

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