One more reason to loathe the BoSox

John Lackey sort of looks like John Rocker. Apparently he’s just as big of a douchebag.

Lackey, who was the starting pitcher in the second game of yesterday’s doubleheader in New York, expressed anger at his postgame news conference over a text message he received inquiring about a personal issue.

“Let me tell you the truth. Thirty minutes before the game, I got a text message on my cellphone from one of you … somebody in the media, talking about personal stuff,” Lackey said. “And I shouldn’t even be standing up here having to deal with this. I’m sitting here listening to music. I don’t know who got my phone number, but that’s over the line.”

Lackey was testy from the start of the interview, bristling at a question about a “rocky” first inning, then muttering under his breath.

Lackey’s angry that he’s getting questions about his decision to file for divorce from his wife, who has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

The former Angels hurler, still owed at least $45.75 million over the next three seasons, has a 5.26 ERA with the Sox (6.41 this year).

After Angels fans booed him upon his return to Anaheim last year, the humorless turd responded, “That won’t be forgotten.”

Earlier this season he yelled at Carl Crawford after the Boston left fielder failed to catch a home run ball. Shades of Rocker and Randall Simon.


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  1. Here is a John Lackey story for you… in college, I lived on the downstairs of an on-campus house with a couple friends of mine. Three girls lived on the upstairs and we shared a stairwell and laundry room, so we were going back and forth pretty regularly.

    One of the girls upstairs knew Lackey pretty well. I’m not sure if the two knew each other from his hometown or if they just met or something (I never asked even though I was shacking with one of her roomates at the time). Sure enough, Lackey came to visit one weekend in the offseason.

    What was interesting is the fact the dude had just won a World Series. And here he is in a town of (maybe) 25,000 people seeing this girl who lives in my house. And sure, she was a looker but she didn’t blow the doors off or anything. Especially when the guy is playing in LA and can walk out his front porch and find what he needs. But I digress.

    Let’s just say a certain World Series champion and said coed had some relations in a shower that just happened to be located above this poster’s bedroom. And me and her roomate didn’t exactly need Vin Scully to give us the play-by-play of the goings-on there.

    Some weeks went by and as I got the story from both the girl’s roomates, her prego test came up positive and in the end, Lackey paid her a pretty penny to take care of the matter.

    Never saw the guy again.


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