That other Wild Card race

A Braves collapse would be epic but not historic.

The Red Sox are at risk being the first team ever to miss the playoffs by blowing a nine-game lead in September. Their lead is only two over Tampa, though the remaining schedule favors the Sox, who play 7 out of 10 against Baltimore. The Rays, meanwhile, have 7 left against the Yanks.

Then again, Boston’s pitching has been even worse than Atlanta’s and the O’s should be hungry to facilitate history. Surely they hate the Sox as much as we do.


9 thoughts on “That other Wild Card race

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  1. As we’ve discussed ad infinitum here in the last few years, the Red Sox have a lot, and I mean a LOT, of bandwagoneers who’ve never experienced a kick in the teeth.

    As someone who suffered through ’78, ’86 and ’03, seeing them blow easy victories over teams that I detested, I say that it would build some character for some of these Tucker Come Latelies to eat a little October shit.

  2. I don’t feel good about our chances right now. We can’t hit or score runs. Hard to ask rookie pitchers to be perfect.

  3. I don’t fucking believe that just happened. Who did I piss off? Is it really about me at all? Fuck Miami. Fuck the Marlins. Fuck Infante. Fuck that fucking stadium. Fuck the Cardinals. Fuck Larussa. FML.

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