A tale of two 1B on HBO

Fantastic extended cameo by the lifetime .289 hitter on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” tonight, including some well-deserved digs at Red Sox fans.

Lonnie Smith should be grateful he wasn’t playing for Boston in the ’91 World Series. Of course, Lonnie might’ve plotted to shoot the more unforgiving Red Sox backers.

And now, a cameo by Teixeira on “Entourage” (which sucks, btw). The verdict on Borasbot: Same Old Douche.


One thought on “A tale of two 1B on HBO

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  1. The minute Bucks wandered over to the balcony, I could see it coming, which did not lessen the hilarity one little bit.

    That was truly awesome, as was the whole episode (although I would have preferrred seeing Samantha Mathis or one of Larry’s other implausibly attractive girlfriends riding in the rolling dildo.)

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