Holding Liberty accountable

I just paid $54 for two upper box seats. The cheap seats, they used to call ’em.

Three years ago, those seats were $12 apiece. The team raised the price slightly for “premium” games in the ensuing years — $16, $18 most. Suddenly they’re $27, despite a recession. No wonder attendance is down.

Typical of the tone deaf ownership of Liberty Media. And let’s not give figurehead CEO Terry McGuirk a pass, as he must’ve hired he guy or gal who decided “Gone with the Wind” night was a good idea. Ticket prices have gone up while the stadium experience has worsened.

Now we approach another trading deadline with ownership clinging to austerity even though Liberty’s CEO, Greg Maffei, makes $87 million — three mil more than this year’s payroll. Three mil could be the difference between another first round exit and the team’s first World Series berth of the 21st Century.

You can bet it won’t be spent. Hell, Greg Maffei has probably never attended a Braves game. What does he care if they reach the Fall Classic?

That indifference marks Liberty’s tenure, though, to be fair, it could be worse.

The 'spirit' of Atlanta ownership groups

3 thoughts on “Holding Liberty accountable

  1. I seriously doubt Elton John has the money to buy a MLB team. You have to have a couple billion of disposable money AND the balls to risk 800 million of it. Expect to see more corporate ownership and less individual owners like Ted Turner, Charlie Finley or even Marge Schott, or the Maras or Rooneys in football.

  2. I bet Elton has more money than frank McCourt. Too bad he doesn’t own parking lots on land coveted by the red sox

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