Storm clouds, and a stupid quote from Fredi

Fredi commenting on Proctor post-game: “And you feel really comfortable with Scotty Proctor in that situation to handle those guys.”

  • As for Proctor’s replacement, don’t count Kris Medlen anytime soon:

Medlen suffers a second setback in elbow surgery recovery

  • Speaking of injuries:

Jones considering skipping All-Star game to address right knee

  • And don’t count on the Braves spending much money to address their holes:

Braves need some creative financing


4 thoughts on “Storm clouds, and a stupid quote from Fredi

  1. We lost a close game to the best team in baseball, and one of the best pitchers I’ve ever seen. Based on legitimate performance, Halladay has been a better pitcher than Clemens. We didn’t commit any errors, but we struck out 12 times and didn’t draw a walk. We were lucky to get those 2 runs.

    Fuck it. This team has a lot more character than I realized when we broke camp. We’ll get them today. Uggla will take Cliff Lee deep.

  2. The stupid quote from Fredi is vintage Bobby. Never is heard a discouraging word.

  3. aaaand Chipper’s on the DL.

    That was an awesome game last night, though.

  4. Chipper going on the DL is for the best. He’s been playing hurt but that isn’t helping his knee. Prado will be coming back in a few days so this is as good a time as any for Chipper to have his surgery. If everything goes well he should be back by early-August.

    Yeah Rob, that Fredi quote could’ve been used by Bobby last year and Fredi just recycled it.

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