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Don’t get me wrong — I’m glad the Braves have a deep pool of pitching talent. But dealing from depth to repair gaping holes is what you do. I wouldn’t trade Teheran or Vizcaino; I’m flexible on Minor. Which leads to this hypothetical query:

For the record, Bourn has 25 steals and .345 OBP. Delgado, 21, ranked 36th in Baseball America’s preseason ranking of the game’s top 100 prospects, has a 3.51 ERA and 1.31 WHIP for Pearl. Bourn, 28, will be a free agent after 2012.



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  1. I broke my own solemn vow and voted yes. Our lead-off spot is more troublesome this year even than last. I figure at some point, I gotta be realistic.

  2. I just want us to be able to steal a base or stretch a double into a triple, without being thrown out by 10 feet. I say Yes.

  3. No. Schafer and McLouth can swipe a base but they never get the green light. What good is speed if the manager doesn’t take advantage of it?

  4. Schafer has attempted steals. This team simply has little to no speed. I quibble with several of Fredi’s moves, but he’s hit and run more lately with mixed results. On the whole, the lack of speed ain’t his fault. He has nothing to work with.

  5. At least 6 years of delgado pitching, half of that for around 1.5 mil. Or a rental CF who may or may not translate to success here– see mclouth or uggla… I usually agree malcontent, but we need randall D

  6. Maybe FW figures as long as they’re hanging close in the division, he can afford to wait and see what happens when or if Uggla and Heyward are hitting. The Phillies don’t look too likely to run away with it with their struggling offense. But they seem much more capable of going on a 30-15 type run than do the Braves.

  7. You assume Bourn can’t be re-signed. I don’t see him as a rental player, not with all the payroll the Braves will be shedding between now and 2013.

  8. I voted yes just on general principle but I’m not positive that I wouldn’t substitute Vizcaino for Randall. It’s debateable but I would seriously consider one or the other (but not Julio.)

    I’d like to keep Minor for a while.

    I hate to keep bringing this up but we’re still paying for the miscalculation, (which I was every bit as guilty of as JS and the other front office guys), that we could include Elvis in the Teixeira deal because we had a steady shortstop in place. Escobar’s eventual unmasking as an asshole is a wound that still hasn’t healed.

  9. I’d do the deal, but only on the condition that the team go all out to re-sign Bourn.

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