Open Thread, 6.7, Braves vs. Barry Gibbs

The lead Bee Gee lives in Miami, according to Wikipedia.

The Braves offense has been a Tragedy lately

The Braves probably won’t see him there, which we’ll take as good news. Bad news is they’ll see Brad Hand, a 21-year-old lefthander making his big league debut tonight. It could be worse. It’s Josh Johnson’s regular turn.


Hanson goes for the home, or tonight the visiting nine. He’ll probably pitch well against a Marlins team that’s also been struggling. Speaking of …will a return to the familiar cavernous emptiness spark Uggla? I doubt it. Tonight’s StrUGGLometer over/under: 4.

The Braves will either win or lose 4-3. Or 7-2. Or 2-1. Or 3-1.


5 thoughts on “Open Thread, 6.7, Braves vs. Barry Gibbs

  1. Our Bravos: the 21st Century version of the Hitless Wonders.

    Great pitching again and Gonzo had a clutch homer. The Phils are losing and beating the Marlins puts us in second place. All that is nice and fine except that we can’t expect to be in the playoffs with continued offensive production like this.

  2. Nice win. But this offense is really pathetic. I’m sold on Michael Bourn. We missed Brett Butler for 8 years after trading him, never generating anything on offense outside of some home-runs, until we got Otis. We are stagnant offensively, and at some point the mental wear of having to make every pitch perfect will take its toll on the pitchers.

  3. Now Chipper is calling out Heyward in the media for being a pussy and not playing with any pain.

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