Open Thread, May 31, Braves vs. Garth Brookses

I got friends in the front office.

So he was a fantasy camper who got to play in a spring training game. Eh. Anyway, hold on to your remotes tonight.

I’m going out on a limb and predicting another maddening 2-1, 3-2 type slog, as the home team faces Mat Latos. He’s a good pitcher who got off to a terrible start but has been better lately. Should be plenty good enough to handcuff the local nine’s torpid attack.

In a new feature we’ll call the Uggometer — suggestions for better names welcome — the over-under on runners our calamity of a second sacker leaves on base tonight is four. What do y’all say?


9 thoughts on “Open Thread, May 31, Braves vs. Garth Brookses

  1. I heard Henry Aaron on Sporting News Radio over the weekend in an interview. He said the stat he was most proud of is that he never struck out 100 times in a season, that he always tried to put the ball in play. Uggla is averaging 157 strikeouts per 162 games. He’s never not struck out well over 100 times in a season. Of course, Frank an’ Fredi knew this and figured that the added pressure of a bigger market and a big contract would improve the situation. We’ve got to trade for another hitter.

  2. I’m not interested in panicking and trading JJ or one of the AAA studs for a rental or some mid level bum.

    Bobby’s retired and so should be the WIN NOW!!! pressure we’ve been under for the last few years.

  3. As far as the Uggometer I will go under with 2, because I have no confidence in our ability to put men on base for Uggo to strand.

  4. We’re scoring one and two runs a game regularly. Looking for an additional hitter is hardly a panic. We had the best rotation in baseball history and still only won one championship.

  5. Jesus Christ…talk about an overreaction.

    I’m fine with looking for an extra hitter. I’m not fine with giving away a major asset for a rental or a bum, (as I wrote before.)

  6. I’d be more inclined to trade pitching prospects (Teheran, no; Delgado, yes) for hitting prospects. FW needs to stay realistic and deal from strength.

  7. As bad as the offense has been, we’ve had virtually no contribution from Uggla and Heyward, and we’e still only, what, four games out? I suspect they will both help a lot in the second half. The season is hardly over.

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