McDowell suspended

Two weeks, retroactive to April 29, without pay. MLB apparently acted after receiving a letter from a fan corroborating the Giants’ fan’s account. He seems quite credible.

Todd Achondo says he will not hire Gloria Allred or any other attorney to present his case against Atlanta pitching coach Roger McDowell. He can’t imagine reenacting graphic sexual gestures in front of a camera while his young sons sit nearby, as Allred and client Justin Quinn did during a news conference attended by Quinn’s 9-year-old twin daughters.

Achondo found much of Wednesday’s display absurd – except for the facts behind it.

As Jeff Schultz writes, McDowell got lucky.


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  1. McDowell is beyond lucky. As a father of two (daughter 26, son 22) who grew up going to mlb games, and still love to go. I can’t believe that McDowell would act that way around kids at the ballpark. I would have cashed him in for the remark that kids shouldn’t be close to the players, MLB needs younger generation fans, I’d personally like to see a stronger penalty.

  2. I would have fired McDowell.

    In a baseball sense, glad it’s only two weeks and he’ll be back soon. In a personal sense, I find the whole episode gross. If he gets blown out by Fredi after the season, it may be best.

  3. Although we’re probably the Used Car Salesman’s biggest critics, I suspect the lenient punishment had more to do with the power of the players union.

  4. Once the decision was made that a suspension was appropriate, the question became how much was enough to get his attention. For someone who’s never been in trouble before, no longer takes home a player’s salary, and appears genuinely remorseful, 2 weeks may be about right. Anything more and you’re hurting his family. His leash now will be rather short.

    As a coach, is McDowell still a member of MLBPA?

  5. Good point, Jack. I was wrong. Bud should’ve punished him more severely.

    What would happen to us if we threatened our customers or patrons?

    Roger was lucky. I hope no one turns him into a victim, but I suspect the Limbaughs of the world have taken note.

  6. Baseball is losing audience every season, and hammerheads like McDowell are just one more reason the sport can’t get out of its own way. “Kids don’t belong at the f*cking ballpark.” Really? I would fire him if I were the Braves. I expect they will after the season is over.

  7. To me, McDowell’s biggest sin is that he was in uniform when he said and did these things. Hell, Delmon Young (or was it Dmitri?) got suspended just for knocking the sausage over in the hotdog race.

    I knew a guy who worked for Delta and lived in Fayetteville. One morning on the way to work, he got into an argument with a gas station attendant. He was in uniform. Someone complained, and he was fired the next day.

    Yes, Roger is lucky.

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