The next Braves owner (we wish)

It won’t happen, but it’s fun to dream.

Elton is local — more local than Liberty, at least. And he’s a serious Braves fan; according to Atlanta magazine, he has a backstage assistant relay score updates to him each summer when he’s on tour. (Check out EJ talking baseball with JS, the Lemmer and Knucksie.)

He has a background in sports ownership, too. John was chairman and director of the Watford Football Club and part-owner of the North American Soccer League’s Los Angeles Aztecs.

So what do you say, Sir Elton? Your Braves need you.

14 thoughts on “The next Braves owner (we wish)

  1. Remember watching that piece w/ JS, Lemke and Niekro and being surprised by his knowledge. It’d be nice to see him sitting near the home batters box. Not going to happen.

  2. Maybe Glavine, Maddux, Smoltz, Chipper and Javy could raise enough jack to get it done. Keith Brooking and Rocker teamed up on some Panama City condo deal that has probably gone totally bust. This comment has no point.

  3. Braves need to get more asses in the bleachers… but if Sir Elton’s sexuality could clear out some of the uneducated homophobic assholes from my stadium, then all the better.

  4. Having Sir Elton as owner would rock. Might mean some pretty strange looking outfits for Sunday home games.

  5. The Cathy family already has ensconced their cow in our park. They are probably satisfied.

  6. Two things that EJ and I have in common. No, I’m not gay. We’re big fans of the Lemmer. The Lemmer was the glue of the team and turned DPs better than everyone. Druw and Lemmer made us much better defensively certinly than we are today. Defense and pitching got us there every year.

  7. I’d take EJ over Liberty any day of the week. Money + Passionate fan = better owner than facelesss corporation.

  8. @wucky,
    I agree about wanting EJ over Liberty, but disagree that you simply need passion & money. Liberty has been an average to above-average owner in that they haven’t messed things up or changed too much. Passionate fans with money often make the sort of bad decisions we’ve been able to avoid for the past few seasons.

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