Tough times for Cardinals fans

Their franchise player is holding them ransom and now St. Louis’ ace, Adam Wainwright, has suffered a significant elbow injury.

“Things do not look encouraging,” says Cards GM John Mozeliak.  He might as well be talking about the 2011 season.


4 thoughts on “Tough times for Cardinals fans

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  1. Thats sucks hard for Adam. But Pujols isn’t holding the Cardinals ransom. Their market and their management can’t afford him. He’s the best player in baseball, in his early thirties, and if he wants 30 large a year and thinks he can get it, then good for him. It’s not like we’re talking about JD Drew wanting 30 a year.

  2. It sucks for Wainright and LaRussa is a prick, but Card’s fans are alright. I do like RR’s plucky attitude, though.

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