What if his name wasn’t Andruw?

There’s a 10-time Gold Glove-winning CF, soon to turn 34, who slugged 19 homers with a .341 OBP last season still on the market. He’d come cheap, probably one year and $2 million.

He may not be ideal, but why wouldn’t you pursue Andruw, considering the need for a right-handed hitting OF? Outside of a few incidents early in his career Andruw never caused a problem and was generally well-liked. The fact that he circumvented Scott Boras and signed a team-friendly contract earlier in his career counts for a lot in my book.

BTW, Andruw posted a .914 OPS vs. southpaws last year.


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  1. It’s the time of year to give second chances, but I have a hard time getting past my memories of the guy who became a blimp in his last years here – and the organization that didn’t seem to think that was a problem.

  2. Sharon,

    First thing, Andruw Jones held down the most physically demanding, and one of the two most IMPORTANT defensive positions, for 12 seasons. And during those twelve seasons, he slugged 368 homeruns, and put up a .263/.342 /.497 /.839 slash line.

    As for his “last years here,” I think the organization tolerated his blimpitude because he hit 51 and 41 home runs, and OPS’d .922 and .894 in two of his “last (3) years) here. Or by last “years” do we mean last “year?”

    Because if we only mean his last “year” here, the year he still clubbed 26 home runs and OPS’d .724, while, remember, covering centerfield, a centerfield, where he was followed by 88 games of Mark Kotsay’s .758 OPS, and his SIX home runs; and 40 games of Josh Anderson, with a .763 OPS and 3 homeruns. Then the 50 games of Jordan Schafer, he of the .600 OPS and the 2 home runs; and then 169 games of Nate McLouth putting up a .708 OPS, with 17 home runs… And then Melky (shudder)… and then Ankiel…if we’re talking about THAT year, 2007…

    Then yeah, I’d have a hard time forgetting someone doing exactly as well as the next 7 guys (in 3 seasons) all while having the audacity to be FAT.


  3. I’m on board. I’m still pissed that the Braves have given 25 to the likes of Barbaro Canizares and Ryan Church since Andruw left. Probably shouldn’t have given it out at all.

  4. Andruw’s power stats tell part of the story. Let’s not forget, however, that he stole 5, 4 and 5 bases his last three years in Atlanta while playing 150-plus games in CF (a getting-on-the-field stat that does speak well of him), this from a position that supposedly demands speed. Or that his outfield assists dwindled to 4 and 3 in his last two years in Atlanta, the lowest of his career.

    Meanwhile, in 89 games in Chicago last year, a trimmer Andruw stole 9 bases and had 8 assists. Maybe that supports the idea that the Braves should pick him up, I dunno. But you’ll have a hard time convincing me that his weight made him a dwindlingly effective player here in some important ways, and that it could have and should have been addressed more firmly by the team.

  5. Which Andruw do you think we would be getting? The slightly resurgent Andruw from 2010 or the godawful Andruw from ’08 and ’09? (Not that he wasn’t bad enough in 2007).

  6. What if his agent’s name wan’t Boras? And while Andruw is an “old” 34 because he constantly sacrificed his body playing his peerless defense for the Braves, is CF more physically demanding than catcher?

    Like Frenchy, it’s doubtful we’ll see A. Jones don the tomahawk again. Remember, Fredi and Frank want to mold the Braves into a more athletic team.

    But I agree, Andruw appears to be the best option. BTW, loyal poster Willie Montenez first suggested signing Andruw way back in September.

  7. Again, Andruw is the only player than I know of who defied Boras. Considering there doesn’t seem to be much demand for his services, Boras shouldn’t be an issue.

  8. I’ll always root for Andruw. At this point he’s a corner outfielder who plays slightly above average defense. He can still hit. But this year’s team looks pretty strong at the plate. The fielding is going to be a problem, and CF is one of the major weak spots. We need someone for the OF who can play the kind of role that Rafael Belliard used to play for the IF. Andruw isn’t that guy.

  9. I’m just not feeling it. I wish him well but think both he and the Braves are better off not reuniting.

  10. I remember seeing Frank Wren speak at the Atlanta Press Club a couple of years ago and he indicated that the Braves had decided not to re-up Andruw TWO seasons before they let him go because they thought his skills were deteriorating. I would be very surprised if he returned.

  11. Happy New Year’s Rowland. Get some sleep and come strong with predictions for 2011 here in a few days. We’ll love you for it. Me, I think Fredi is going to pull all of the right moves. Phuck the Phillies.

  12. Andruw hit 19 homers last year and with 200 more plate appearances would have hit 30. If he can play decent defense, take a flyer on him. He couldn’t cost that much. Maybe he can hit his 500th in a Braves uniform. That would put him in the Hall. He deserves to be there.

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