Ellsbury just became more available

The Red Sox are about to acquire Adrian Gonzalez for a package of prospects. Jacoby Ellsbury is still with the Sox — for now. 

Buster Olney sez Boston has enough payroll flexibility to afford either Crawford or Werth. If they add one of those All-Stars, Ellsbury appears the odd man out. I’m assuming Theo Epstein will try to swap him for prospects, having depleted his farm system to get Gonzalez.

It’s revealing that Boston can acquire an elite power hitter and STILL be shopping in the gourmet section while we cross our fingers hoping management splurges for mac and cheese knowing we’ll have to settle for Ramen noodles. Perhaps FW can convince them Ellsbury, or someone like him, makes the Braves legit World Series contenders, but I’m sure John Malone could care less.


4 thoughts on “Ellsbury just became more available

  1. Liberty Media is really a bullshit suck ass skinflint bunch of nothings that dont deserve the Braves. Too bad the Braves can’t fire them.

  2. Well, the best thing that could happen would be for the Rangers to re-sign Cliff Lee, causing the Yankees to make their big splash by signing Carl Crawford, then the Red Sox signing Werth. That would make both Ellsbury and Gardner expendable.

  3. Theo has a recent history of wanting short contracts, ie Bay, Martinez. Since the contract is just now being written, it should be limited for 2010 to the 6Mil range, not heavily effecting negotiating position for other trades this year. So, length of contract is probably the hangup. When you are in the 50% tax bracket, it doesn’t make too much diffence to delay payment some.

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