Gammons: Liberty ‘watching costs’

The Braves have all kinds of pitching coming, but the current ownership has given indications that they’re watching costs for a future sale; the fact that they’re not interested in extending Frank Wren long-term after the job he did last season has been taken by many in the organization as a bad sign.

Troubling news, though I’m glad to hear Liberty is pondering a sale.

7 thoughts on “Gammons: Liberty ‘watching costs’

  1. Time for Blank, Terwilliger, Dickeys, or others to step up and take it off Malone’s hands. I think Wren has done good work, generally.

  2. Wren has been outstanding. Since I have been following this team (1969), Schuerholz, Cox, and Lucas have been the only other ones who weren’t terrible. I think the GM is more important than any player or any other position in the organization, so I’ll be bummed if he moves on. That will be a sign of weakness. Yes, hopefully a human being will buy the team. Blank would be a godsend.

  3. It’d be a shame if our ownership felt they could do better job than what Wren has done. It would only prove they dont know anything about baseball. Hes done a great job rebuilding this team and making stolen like deals.

    Id love to see mark cuban own this team. He would do a great job reenergizing the fanbase, and he would invest heavily in the organization

  4. Remind me again why the used car salesman pushed for the sale of the Braves to an out-of-town corporate owner?

  5. No doubt Liberty will sell. It’s a tax shelter, and after the 5-year holding period is up, they will unload. The question is who are the buyers? My money is on the Dickeys.

  6. I saw in the AJC that Schafer will get first crack at back up CF behind McClouth. Woo-hoo!

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