Trade JJ? Braves might not have a choice

Jeff Schultz speculates about it. Frank Wren doesn’t shoot it down. I bet it happens.

I’d prefer not to deal JJ, but with the Braves having little to spend and the free agent market offering little affordable help, a trade seems the only way to bolster the offense. And JJ is the team’s most attractive chip.

With the Brewers needing pitching and the ChiSox hankering for Prince Fielder, perhaps a three-team trade could be arranged: JJ to Milwaukee, Fielder to Chicago and Carlos Quentin to Atlanta.

Quentin comes with some risks, having never played more than 131 games in a season. That came in 2010, when the right-handed hitting corner OF clubbed 26 homers and drove in 87. He’s yet to match his first season with the Pale Hose, but Quentin is still a reasonably priced slugger with a decent career line: .347 OBP, .488 slugging. You may recall him leading the Sox to a sweep over the Braves this year, hitting three homers in three games.

Others possibly available? Center fielders B.J. Upton and Matt Kemp, either of whom would add much-needed speed. I’m sticking with right-handed hitters, since, with the addition of Freddie Freeman next season, the Braves line-up will skew heavily left. The Braves match up better with the Dodgers, who need starting pitching, but Kemp’s 170 K’s and .310 OBP last season scare me. Like Kemp, Upton has regressed.


17 thoughts on “Trade JJ? Braves might not have a choice

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  1. I’m ok with trading JJ. Minor and Beachy have come on well and can fill the 4 and 5 spots. And of course there is Teheran. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him w/ the big club sometime next year. We have some arms to give and desperately need a stick. Don’t get me wrong, I like JJ a lot, but another team will sooner take him than KK, who were stuck with.

  2. Fuck him. Boras not JJ. I have no problem with the Braves looking to avoid getting fucked up the ass by Boras when the time arrives. Keep Boras clients till arbitration becomes too expensive then swap them for what we can. But if we trade JJ, we should get something more than a “maybe” in return.

  3. If you had suggested this a year ago I would’ve said you were insane. But JJ seemed lost this year when he was healthy, which wasn’t much. We’ve got to get a more credible outfielder in the everyday lineup, and we’ll have to give up something to get it. Hopefully FW will do better than the Vasquez deal.

    Boras factors into this situation, without a doubt.

  4. If JJ goes, I want a guy playing 140 plus games in LF or CF. Of the guys mentioned in your post, only Kemp fits that description. I dont like the Ks or the OBP either but Quentin stays hurt.
    What about signing Pat Burrell to play LF for a year. He’s probably a 21 hr 81 rbi guy for one more season?

    What about Adam Dunn? what would that take? 3yrs 33 million.?Plus Dunn is insurance if Freddie F falls flat on his fotch (i like alliteration).

  5. Can’t wait until CB reads this. He LOVES Adam Dunn.

    JJ has been my guy from the day we acquired him. He’s pitched some great games for us (I’ll never forget the McClellan game in NY, which doofus Chip tried to shoehorn Hohn into when telling the story earlier this season), but I think I may be on board with this. I’ve resisted the idea when I’ve seen it suggested before but I’m warming to it.

    I would really prefer someone with athletic skill and several tools. I think Kemp is just sick of Larry Bowa pissing on him in the press and Upton’s probably just tired of Maddon’s act (which would give him points with me.)

    They’re both pretty much the kind of players, at least when they’re playing like they’re capable of, that I would like to see on the Braves. I’m tired of having to string together four basehits to get one run.

  6. I fell off of the JJ bandwagon down the stretch after his uninspired performances against Colorado and St. Louis, but I think we would regret trading him after a down year.

    I certainly agree we need more offense, but I have too many bad memories of some of the starters we sent out to the mound from 2006-2008 (Jo-Jo, Davies, Chuck James, etc.). I would rather err on the side of having too many good starters and not enough hitting than vice-versa.

  7. Adam Dunn is a rich man’s Ozzie Virgil, king of the pointless solo home run who’s been embraced by stat geeks because he walks a lot. He strikes out more (199 in ’10). He can’t play defense, barely hustles and looks generally disinterested. Why would anyone want that pantload? NO ADAM DUNN EVER!!!

  8. If you have to settle for someone who is always hurt or has regressed considerably, I say don’t do it. JJ is legit talent. Don’t give him up just in the interests of “doing something” like we did last year.

  9. You’re going to have to take a chance. You’re not going to get an established superstar for JJ, whose value is a bit lower due to his injuries this year.

  10. JJ is a #1 or #2 starter. He’s a winner. He knows what he’s doing out there, which means that he’ll be effective for a very long time. I would hate to lose him. If the Braves sell him now, they’re selling low. Trade prospects, because that’s all they are at this point. Minor and Vizciano would be my candidates: they’re overvalued and would bring in a big bat.

  11. Trade JJ for a good OF (Luke Scott, Matt Kemp) and try to re-acquire Javier Vasquez for a nominal price. I realize JV was terrible with the Yanks this year but he was phenomenal with us and would probably welcome the opportunity to come back.

  12. Everyone may think I am spending the offseason smoking crack, but the White Sox have another free agent corner OF who posted an 827 OPS in 328 plate appearances this year that would probably be an upgrade over what we had in LF this year.

  13. I’m with you, Wuky. Sign Javy for one year to bride gap to Teheran, et al. Need a RH hitter, though (Scott’s a lefty). As for AJ, I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing him back, but as a complimentary piece. Reunite Andruw and Baylor, hmmm.

  14. I thought Willie was talking about Manny for a second…

    I would absolutely love to have Javy Vasquez back here. I’m firmly convinced he would have had a far better ’10 here than in that asylum.

  15. I wouldn’t mind bringing AJ back to play against lefties or come off the bench. He is following the path of many aging power hitters–approximately the same homerun totals, less overall hits, but more walks. Project this year’s totals over the 650 or so PA he used to get as an everyday player (it isn’t hard, just multiply X2) and you get 90 walks (would-be career high), 38 HR (about the same as always), 128 hits (close to career low of his last year in ATL), and 146 K’s (close to career high).

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