Tuffy Rhodes is more deserving

In a recent interview with Chicago Magazine, Sammy Sosa commented on the fact that the Cubs have not retired his No. 21 jersey.

“That number should be untouchable because of the things that I did for that organization,” Sosa said. “That right there shows me that they don’t care about me, and they don’t want to have a good relationship with me.”


6 thoughts on “Tuffy Rhodes is more deserving

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  1. It should be “unofficially” retired. That is, no future Cub should have to wear the number that Sosa wore while he helped disgrace the game.

  2. I’m with Jack on this one. Have a Sosa jersey demolition day. They can burn it in centerfield. Rick Monday can light it. He lost all credibility with me when he brought a lawyer to the steroid hearing and said he did speak English well. Jackass.

  3. Without ‘roids, he would have been “Sammy So-so” for his entire career (direct quote from Wrigley hecklers when Sosa came to bat circa 1995).

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