Atlanta fans suck (part pi)

Compelling baseball played here


Tonight’s paid attendance? 18,105, a little more than last night, which was the smallest crowd of the year. Must’ve been a replay of a UGA scrimmage on cable. 

How embarrassing was tonight’s turnout? Even the Rays drew a bigger crowd — not a reflection on the team, but on its fans. Watch out, St. Pete — Atlanta‘s gunning for you. 

I’m sure Derrek Lee will be impressed by the 15,000 people who show up for his debut tomorrow afternoon.


15 thoughts on “Atlanta fans suck (part pi)

  1. It is pretty pathetic. Similar attendance as last year or the year before. Although if you bought seson tickets, you could get a Sid Bream baseball!

    Also, I read that D.Lee wasn’t starting until Friday in Chicago (epidural this morning)

  2. I can’t say much since I was not there. Though I usually attend about 15 games per season, most are weekend games.

    It is interesting that in ’91, we averaged 26K (versus 31K this year) per game. In ’92 that jumped up to 38K. After we beat the Rays/Yankees in the WS this year, I am sure we will see a similar jump next year and The TED will be the fashionable place to be in 2011.

  3. For what it’s worth, the Braves are second only to the Twins in increased attendance this season. 18K still pretty pathetic though…

  4. I don’t disagree with the thrust of this but the Nationals’ excessive suckitude doesn’t help matters any.

  5. Two things:
    1. No one cares about the Nationals unless Strasburg is pitching.
    2. School has pretty much started for all Atlantans now, so staying out until 10:30 on a school night has become a less viable option for most.

    Of course 18k sucks, but I don’t think you can say too terribly much when there was 49k there on Saturday. Which isn’t a school night. I would have been there tonight, but I had to work. C’est la vie.

  6. Worked also tonight, but school’s started everywhere. Which is not to say there are plenty of dedicated Braves fans — more of a knock against this city, which doesn’t seem to appreciate what it’s got going. Just wait until the Heat come to Philips next year. It’ll be sickening.

  7. How many people here have attended a midweek game against a last-place team this season? I don’t think I have. I have a good excuse — a 7-month-old baby. I’m sure many others have equally good reasons for not attending, but let’s see a show of hands. It’s disappointing that people don’t come out in bigger numbers for weeknights against bad teams, but this horse has been dead so long it’s turned to dust.

  8. I don’t think Atlanta fans suck, I just think they like college and pro football more.

    I was expecting 25 large, they pulled 18. I have only been to 3 games this year, guess I suck.

  9. I don’t see the big deal in pointing out the fact that a pennant contending team gets shitty support from the city at large. It’s a fact. Wish it weren’t so, but it is. Perhaps if the ballpark experience was more about baseball and less about bombast the crowds would improve. Or maybe they’d decrease, I dunno.

  10. Quite frankly all of you suck. No exceptions. Also, I think school has only started throughout the Southeast. Most northern school systems don’t start till around Labor Day. Still, no excuse.

  11. Anyone else remember former WSB talk show host David Paul? I wasn’t a big fan, though he won me over one weekend mercilessly making fun of the collective low IQ’s of college football fans, how most of them didn’t even attend college. Obsessing over amateur athletics is strange, IMHO, esp. if you’re not affiliated with the school as as student.

  12. I was at the game today. I would say that the fact that school is now in session knocked a good 7,000 – 8,000 off of the attendance. Whenever I’ve gone to day games in the summer, most of the upper levels are taken up by day campers, little leaguers, and church groups. It’s been a while since the Braves could draw an automatic 35,000 to a Businessman’s special. Yeah, maybe we do suck…

  13. I do remember David Paul… now that I look back on him, a lot of his schtick was pretty funny, although often at the expense of innocent callers… “which one is heavier, a pound of steel or a pound of feathers?” was one example… also “kiss my butt” fridays…

  14. Yeah, this sucks, and so do I. I haven’t been able to get to a game since Halladay shut us out in April. 😦

  15. I remember David Paul saying The Civil War never happened. He could really get to some people.

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