Open thread, 7.25, Braves vs. Andre Dawsons

A nod to the newest Hall of Famer, well deserving despite the opinions of stat geeks like ESPN’s Matt Meyers, who writes, “The HOF voters may be on Andre Dawson‘s side, but the numbers aren’t.”

As an aside, don’t ever doubt CD’s loathing of the Red Sox. Last night he opined, “I’d rather see someone wearing a NAMBLA cap than I would see another Red Sox hat.”


15 thoughts on “Open thread, 7.25, Braves vs. Andre Dawsons

  1. Goddamn McClouth. He needs to be designated for assignment right now. I’m not talking about at the end of the game. I mean RIGHT NOW!

  2. My god the man is offensive kryptonite.

    If we aren’t going to make a trade, Blanco needs to get called up here soon.

  3. Who wants to start the fire McLouth petition. He needs to go, right now. I don’t even want him on the same plane after the game. Also, he is no longer allowed to speak with Jason Heyward, ever. He may have some influence on him.

    WHY DID BOBBY NOT PINCH HIT INFANTE? WHY, OH WHY OH WHY? When Infante came out in the bottom of the ninth, was that because Bobby has finally had enough? I mean, I can understand being loyal to players, but this is just ridiculous now. He’s killing our whole team. He can’t hit it out of the infield, on those rare occasions that he makes contact.

    And I swear to God, if Bobby says “well, he’s making good contact, the balls just aren’t finding the holes,” Wren should just stop accepting Bobby’s input. Just stick McLouth on a plane, and make sure the plane is not going to the same place the team is.

  4. Trade McOut to the Royals for Scott Podsednik. Podsednik is hitting .305 with a .350 OBP. McOut is just awful at the plate. The Braves sure could have used Blanco today.

  5. whats with the blanco love ? been their done that,,,, had a few gps in 10 that looked good,,,,mc-out and or blanco not the answer,,,,bring up josh anderson

  6. That is one of the few times this year the wrong guy was up in a key situation. The play in center has been awful all season. Melky made a play today that made Matt Diaz look like Ken Griffey, Jr. DeJesus is on the DL in KC and I’m not sure even the Royals would be stupid enough to take McClouth. Not sure what the answer is.

  7. DFA and eat the contract.

    Oh, shit…I’m not an ESPN Insider and thus can’t finsish reading about how a guy with 438 HR 1591 RBI 2774 hits and 314 steals and 8 Gold Gloves is a bum because his OBP was low. Too bad he couldn’t be a really dangerous player like Adam Dunn.

    If these assholes want wider acceptance of their new metrics (many of which are quite good), they’re going to need to stop this all out war on basic reason.

  8. uh, they just spent 3 days looking at Cody Ross. What’s the delay?

    Jesse Chavez isn’t even fit to be a Ghastly Boy from the 1990 season.

    we need bullpen depth and an OF, preferably a CF with some power.

  9. Ditto Pepe. And just the crassness of it all, writing it on the day Dawson is officially inducted. There’s been plenty of time to disagree before today.

  10. I think Chavez still has something to offer; he looked pretty good in the one inning he pitched last night. You can’t load the bases 4 times in a game, only score 1 run from that and expect to win. That’s 12 potential runs; if they only get half of those the game is a quasi-blowout, especially with the Marlins’ tendency to give up, much like they did the night before.

    This should have been a series where the Braves buried them, and put them in their place as non-contenders.

    Drop McClouth, and call Blanco back up until (if or when) they sign a new center fielder.

  11. And Trae, check the AJC – that’s exactly what Bobby said about Nate’s “bullet” that he hit in the 11th inning.

    You say tomato, I say tomato I guess…

    Not sure that line really holds up in text…

  12. The thing that makes Bobby such a good manager of people hamstrings him as a tactical manager. You need to be bloodless sometimes. Instead of Good Ol’ Nate, Who Sure Is Trying Hard, Cox needs to see Can’t Hit Water If He Fell Out Of A Fuckin’ Boat when he looks down the bench at him and consideres whether to put the whole team’s fate in his hands. He did the same thing with Norton last year, with less on the line.

  13. Most Red Sox fans are NAMBLA members, so it’s actually a wash on which hat they wear.

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