Play the damn game

The overproduced openings, thick with shopworn nostalgia, are bad enough. Now we have to sit through some girl from a stupid Fox show singing and dancing? I predict a 12:38 a.m. finish.


7 thoughts on “Play the damn game

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  1. “We have to sit…?”

    We don’t. I’m tivoing it and will start to watch @ 10 PM.

  2. Got home right at the end of top of the first… looks pretty good so far. I can’t DVR it! I don’t even have cable!

    Although – and correct me if you think I’m wrong – I thought it was a bit of a cheap play for cheers having Sheppard announce Jeter.

    Ok, now I’m pissed. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes? Seriously? How much am I allowed to swear in the comments?

  3. I agree completely. Meanwhile, the youth of America tune out baseball. Just wish i wuz as smart as ol’Dave.

  4. I didn’t get home from work until the top of the fourth. Glad I missed the opening crap.

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