The same people are probably Miami Heat fans now


Besides the Braves, what is your favorite baseball team?

7.51% 22
Red Sox
23.89% 70

11.26% 33

16.38% 48


9 thoughts on “The same people are probably Miami Heat fans now

  1. Yeah I saw that; I didn’t even vote in that poll because they didn’t have an option of “I don’t like any other teams”.

    Of course it’s no surprise that the dumbass Red Sox are everyone else’s choice. And then there was the rating that everyone thinks that they have the second-best chance of winning the world series behind the Yankees.


  2. Exactly; I don’t understand why more people don’t follow this dogma. Maybe they’re too fragile to handle the occasional losing season.

    I have a lot of respect for die hard fans of smaller market teams (Cleveland, KC, Milwaukee) who stay die hard no matter what. Says a lot about one’s character and their commitment to their teams.

    Not to say that we’ve had it easy, but we at least have witnessed one championship in our lifetime, so far. I just wish our die hards were more visible. Instead we get drowned out by the bandwagoneers who are just waiting for the next dynasty to tag along with.

  3. I took the poll but there was nowhere for me to list the Dallas Cowboys and LA Lakers as my other favorite teams. WTF?!

  4. When I met my ex in 1996, she had moved from outside Seattle. One reason she was convinced to move to Georgia was: she loved the Atlanta Braves! Without ever having previously set foot in the Peach State. We truly were America’s Team.

    Not long ago at all, nobody gave a shit about the Red Sox, not even most of those obnoxious New England “fans”.

    But I have to admit in a moment of weakness a few years back I found myself going on vacation and forgot to bring a cap. At the Charlotte airport I bought an old-time, Babe Ruth-era Red Sox cap with just the two little socks on it. I like it but I only wear it when I am fishing and no one else can see.

  5. before the Braves came in 1966 my family cheered for the yankees since we were Ellis Island immigrants on my dad’s side and still had family in Staten Island and New Jersey. My dad loved Mickey Mantle.

  6. When I was growing up in Oklahoma in the late ’50s, everybody I knew was either a Cardinals fan (as close to a local team as you had, since nobody rooted for the Kansas City A’s) or the Yankees (they were winning, and Mantle’s hometown was about 40 miles away). Well, I didn’t want to be like everybody else, so I decided to root for the Braves. (It wasn’t like I was going to see whatever team I was cheering for.) Not sure why I picked the Braves, but dammit, I’ve been rooting for them for almost 50 years.

    I’ll root half-heartedly for a couple of AL teams, the Rays and the Indians, and there’s one or two NL teams I don’t hate, but I, too, don’t have a second favorite team. And I have trouble watching games in which I can’t figure out an angle that’ll help the Braves.

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