Monday thoughts

Jeff Schultz gives Bobby well-deserved kudos on the local organ’s web site.  His main point is that Bobby is managing to the strengths of his roster, which he has pretty much always done.

Schultz omits another of Bobby’s attributes that has been critical this year. How many managers would have maintained an upbeat clubhouse with this team during April? I never read, heard nor saw any public carping from a player, even during the nine-game skid. There were plenty of targets, as we know.

The skipper establishes that mindset.

Thought 2: The play Saturday night when Chipper toppled the Royals’ second baseman, allowing J-Hey to score from second on a fielder’s choice grounder, might have been my favorite of the season. For me, as Bobby would say, it epitomized this team — hustle, unglamorous fundamentals, a touch of daring. Not exactly hallmarks of recent Braves clubs.  

And how about Chipper’s recent play? The old man has seven  hits, six RBI, a steal of third, and the crucial takeout slide in his past three games. He has three Prados — multi-hit games — in his past five games. Nice work.


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  1. It’s as though as soon as Chipper publicly acknowledged he was going to hang it up at the end of the season, he decided to put everything into going out with a bang. Either that, or his agent reminded him how much money he stood to make if he didn’t retire. Either way, I’m glad it’s working.

  2. Watching Chipper the past few games makes me think that he’s letting it all go as this is it.

  3. Sutton said on the radio yesterday that someone needs to ask him every Monday if he’s going to announce his retirement.

  4. In re Thought #1: That is where Bobby excels and that’s why he’s going to Cooperstown.

  5. An American President who I won’t name once quipped that “You can accomplish a lot if you don’t care who gets the credit.” For me, that sums up Bobby’s managerial style.

    As for Chipper, didn’t he have a sit-down with the Braves’ brass a week or two ago? Apparently he didn’t like the numbers that were thrown his way. Now he’s playing big league ball again. Interesting…

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