Braves Time Machine

SI’s Steve Wulf ponders Bob Horner’s potential, from April 1981.


7 thoughts on “Braves Time Machine

  1. He was a better hitter than Chipper, and had 10 times the intestinal fortitude. It’s a damn shame the guy couldn’t stay healthy. Great obliques, though.

  2. Better than Chipper? Uh, yeah…. sure. Ask Whitey Herzog about Horner’s intestinal fortitude. After Bob’s season as a Cardinal, the nicest thing he said about Horner was that he was lazy.

    That being said, the guy had the most compact swing of any Brave I’ve ever seen. Shame he couldn’t keep himself in better condition.

  3. I have never seen the ball jump off somebody’s bat the way it did Horner’s. But like a lot of gifted baseball players, I think he preferred golf.

  4. He was a fat slob by the end and obviously didn’t keep in any kind of playing shape, but boy could he get ’em out in a hurry. Remember having his poster in my room when I was a kid. Murphy was the better player, but Horner was my guy.

  5. Beautiful swing. Consistently shitty attitude, although Wulf’s story reminds me that Ted Turner and Al Thornton helped cement it.

  6. I’ve always found that a good rule of thumb is that if Whitey doesn’t like you, I probably will. I know he has fans around here, so I won’t go into detail but let’s just say he’s not a big favorite of mine.

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