McGuirk: Liberty “enjoying” owning Braves

And according to the team’s CEO, Liberty has no plans to sell the team once they’re permitted to do so in 2011. McGuirk adds the media conglomerate hasn’t cut payroll, even though it has.

I’ll be interested to see whether FW gets approval to add  an outfield bat. Probably not. “Maybe they’d do it for Bobby, being his last year and all.”

You think John Malone gives a shit?

7 thoughts on “McGuirk: Liberty “enjoying” owning Braves

  1. The more interesting point was the team denying that payroll dropped. Unless they’re secretly spending moeny we don’t know about, that’s a lie.

  2. I’m not defending Liberty, but McGuirk seems to back up his assertion about the payroll in a fairly reasonable, if long-winded, way. Plus, shouldn’t we be thanking Liberty for the new fireworks that go off after every strikeout? I was worried we might actually have an event transpire on the field without a sound effect. What’s a baseball game without lots of flashing lights and loud noises? I know I just can’t enjoy a foul ball without a funny sound like breaking glass of Chewbaca.

  3. It would be a lot cheaper, and more entertaining, to bring back Noc-a-Homa than to run all those bullshit electronics. All he wanted was some major medical coverage, I think. I bet J-Hey is so young he doesn’t even know who Noc-a-Homa was.

  4. After a big win yesterday, the last thing I want to hear is that the Faceless Corporate Entity likes owning the team. Maybe they’ll get a bat because it’s Bobby’s last year?!? How benevolent of them. I have no reason to believe anything that comes out any CEO’s mouth and I’m not going to start now.

  5. They’re still better than AOL/Time-Warner. Personally I’m hoping Mr. Blank makes an offer soon.

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