The All-Fraud Team

Featuring a combination of cheaters and superior talents who never panned out.  I didn’t include Bonds or A-Rod because they would’ve been great with or without ‘roids. Clemens is a tough call.

1B: (tie) Rafael Palmiero, Mark McGwire

DH: David Ortiz

2B: Bret Boone

SS: Benji Gil

3B: Chris Brown

OF: Luis Gonzalez

OF: Sammy Sosa

OF: Ruben Sierra

LP: Ryan “The Little Unit” Anderson

RP: Todd Van Poppel (he was too good to play in Atlanta. We got Chipper instead.)

Your nominations are welcome.


15 thoughts on “The All-Fraud Team

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  1. You could probably platoon M. Giles with Boone. The Braves pretty much replaced one ‘roider with another at 2B.

  2. Brien Taylor, the Yankees’ No. 1 pick from about 1993, deserves a spot on the pitching staff. I don’t think he ever pitched an inning in the big leagues. His mother, you may recall, acted as his agent and was a rather opinionated sort.
    I am not sure about Sierra. He had a good career, but fizzled pretty early. Was he a ‘roider, or did he just not fulfill his talent?

  3. What about Nomar over Benji Gill? Brady Anderson deserves a spot somewhere.

    I might be tempted to give Chris Brown a pass – he was soft as a ballplayer, but a few years ago he was driving a truck in Iraq as a civilian contractor.

    Interesting that you put Luis Gonzalez out there. It seems that since he is a “nice guy”, the fans and media give him omit him from steroid speculation.

  4. Glaus was not, as far as I know. Sierra had an okay career but should’ve been a superstar. His attitude did him in. Didn’t know that about Chris Brown, Willie.

  5. “superior talents who never panned out” defines our own brad komminsk, doesn’t it?

  6. Got to find a place for Juan Gonzales. Juicer AND an asswipe.

    Don’t forget that bastard Pettitte, who gets a lot of the same Luis Gonzales treatment willie mentioned, too.

  7. chris brown,,,,,wow,,,,,giant 3Ber,,,,died a few years back so has uribe,,the young SF inf from the late 80’s,,,,, benji gill,,,yikes,,not sure they would be in the top 100 of the last 20 years for each position,,,,,,nice to hear those names though,,, im an eddie zosky man myself,,,or the bigger load,,george i have an ego the size of GA lombard

  8. If you’re just going with highly regarded misses, you could throw Mark Lewis into that mix. Drafted #1 overall in ’88. Enough of an MLB career to make a bit of a mark (no pun intended) but not what he was hyped up to be.

  9. I remember Chris Brown as the guy Sparky Anderson cut from the Tigers when he begged out of the lineup because he’d slept on his eye wrong.

    Brien Taylor’s mom was a pretty good agent. I remember reading her saying that Brien wasn’t coming to the Yankees unless he got “Van Poppel money”. And the Yankees gave in. Too bad her dumbass son ruined his career in a bar fight.

    Remember Matt White? Scott Boras found a loophole in the amateur draft rules which made this guy a free agent.Tampa Bay signed him for a $10 million bonus and he ended up never making it to the majors.

  10. Chris Brown was a guy who just didn’t care, which made him kind of endearing in a way. I understand that he just really didn’t care for the game or the lifestyle, he was much happier driving a truck. RIP big guy.

    I liked a lot of your choices, but I think the biggest glaring omission is Brady Anderson—to me the poster boy of the ‘roids era. I might be tempted to give Sierra a pass, he had a really strange career. He blasted onto the scene in the Summer of ’86, Had a great year in ’87 and a fabulous year in ’89. In the 90’s he bounced from team to team, and found himself in the minors late in the decade, yet bounced back and wound up playing 20 years in the majors. Interesting dude.

  11. Of course Chris Brown deserves a spot on the all-fraud team. I mean the guy died in a house fire he apparently set so he could collect the insurance.

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