Mark McGwire flirts with the truth

From a 1999 “Simpsons” episode, featuring a cameo by McGwire:

SCENE: A MLB satellite has crashed into Springfield, arousing suspicion. McGwire arrives to change the subject.

MCGWIRE: Do you want to hear the terrible truth, or would you like to watch me hit a few dingers?

CROWD: Dingers!

How’s that for prescience?


3 thoughts on “Mark McGwire flirts with the truth

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  1. I just watched a special on Bill Lee. Basically, he was blackballed from the game for being himself, smoking weed and standing up for guys he thought were good ballplayers. But, McGwire and the rest are welcomed back with open arms. It ain’t right.

  2. The movie where Bill goes to Cuba? That’s really cool.

    Much like Jim Bouton, Bill is a guy who is supposed to be some sort of loony flake, but (like Jim) he’s got more love and respect for the game than any number of writer’s darlings types like Lenny Dykstra.

    Plus, he hates Don Zimmer, which is a triple word score for me.

  3. Exactly, Pepe. Very good film if one gets a chance to see it. Bill Lee is one of my all time favorties. He sees the game the right way. And has a lgood perspective on life, also. I have much respect for him and George Brett because they HATE the Yankees. You would have never have seen either of them in a Yankee uniform, a la Johnny Damon.

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