A post where I say something nice about Bobby Valentine

"You're a dick." "No, you're a dick."

Kudos to the ex-Mets skipper for going after Tony LaRussa on Sunday’s “Baseball Tonight” special. Eduardo Perez — after creaming himself discussing the McGwire hire as St. Louis’ hitting instructor — claimed LaRussa is loyal to his coaches. “He wasn’t very loyal to [former Cardinals batting coach] Hal McRae,” noted Valentine, who went on to question LaRussa’s motive for bringing McGwire back at a time when baseball is trying to escape the steroid era. Couldn’t agree more.

I still have a low tolerance for Valentine, but imagine how much you’d despise LaRussa if he managed the Mets or Red Sox?



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  1. I hate Bobby Valentine, but in a “I love to hate him” type of way.

  2. He’s obnoxious as hell, but LaRussa is worse. I’m rooting for this McGwire experiment to blow up in his face.

  3. atlpaddy says:

    Seriously, how in the fuck is McGwire gonna give good advice as a hitting coach? What is he going to say, “Here, go stick this needle in your ass and you’ll hit better?”

  4. PepeFreeUs says:

    While not the Lex Luthor level genius he believes himself to be, Valentine is actually quite smart. At least as smart as the vaunted LaRussa. I hate each one for very similar reasons.

    We’ve never had Tony in the division, but we’ve run up on him from time to time. It was him, not Valentine, who started that nonsense with Javy being forced to stay in the catcher’s box.

  5. The ’96 NLCS win over the Cards was bested only by the ’92 NLCS. No question about the worst loss: the 2000 NLDS sweep. It sucks being humiliated by a Tony LaRussa-managed team.

  6. I always wanted to throw something at the television when the Mets did that childish ploy of playing the first baseman in front of the runner with a left hhanded pitcher… but it would be cool to see again.

  7. PepeFreeUs says:

    Didn’t Pa Leyland originate that? It was a balk every single time it happened, even if they decided to let him get away with it.

    And, yes…’96 was classic. Rubbing Gaetti’s weasel face in the dirt and shutting Honeycut’s stupid mouth were both very enjoyable.

  8. rankin' rob says:

    I sure hope we can get some new good playoff memories going. 1999 was about the last batch and even those ended with yet another thud.

  9. Paul Bako was the hero in our only postseason series win of the aughts. Ah, the memories.

  10. Steve Yoon says:

    Bobby V sucks and should go back to japan to coach. He has no idea how to manage a ball club. I mean putting Lavernway in in the 5 spot as a DH. Bobby is truly a d.h.

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