A really modest proposal

Now we learn that Johnny Damon prefers a one-year deal — ideal for the Braves. Sounds like $7 mil would clinch it. The Braves seem unwilling to go beyond four.

Melky Cabrera will make $3.1 million in 2010. I assume you can do the math.

The Giants could use an outfielder and have an intriguing player they’d likely part with: IF/OF Eugenio Velez. Mind you I would’ve never thought of this had I not drafted Velez for my fantasy team, but who wouldn’t trade Melky for Damon AND a modest prospect who’s stolen more bases over the last two years than any Brave except Nate McLouth?




  1. sounds great. they need Damon for post-season leadership and now that you mention it, Diory and Infante are not really the best insurance policies for potential injuries to Escobar and Prado.
    i hope this corporate owner will look at breaking the budget slightly as an investment in ‘growing the brand’ by sending Bobby Cox out with a World Series. …and they need to be financially prepared for a trade for a big hitter for the second half and post-season as well. otherwise they will just prove that corporate baseball still sucks.

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