Javy: Eddie Perez next manager

In an interview on the Atlanta Baseball talk site — blog? I’m not sure — Javy says he thinks Eddie will be the next skipper. Says he heard it from someone who knows.

I don’t doubt Javy, but I doubt him on this. I like Eddie a lot. I just don’t think he has the resume yet.




  1. I think catchers generally know the game better than most other position players. Think Girardi, Scioscia. I think Perez will become a key coach under TP.

  2. Atlanta Baseball Talk is officially a podcast. But it gets kind of bloggy in the comments section. Come and visit.

    I like the Cox quote you use as a topper. Got some grit to it.

  3. We need to start researching FW’s cronies to see the possible boobie prize we’ll get.

  4. Canseco would manage the hell out of this roster. I hope Wren has the good sense to hand the one honest man in baseball (or out of it) this job when Bobby takes his bow. Bobby and Canseco have very similar styles, and it would be a nearly seamless transition.

  5. Con- Eddie’s never managed anything and his only real baseball leadership experience is telling pitchers when to warm up.

    Pro- Post game interviews would be HILLARIOUS!!!!

    Vedict- Eddie all the way.

  6. I doubt they have already made the decision, but considering the fact you have more latin players in MLB, there might be some justification for hiring a latin manager.

  7. Fredi Gonzalez had a good year. Is Charlie Manuel considered latin in any way? He had a brother who also played big league ball.

  8. Javy probably HOPES Eduardo Perez is the manager so that he can be the bullpen catcher (err – coach).

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