Braves still in on Damon?

DOB tweets: Don’t know if Braves or Tigers are willing to give Damon the second year that Boras wants. If one team does, that’s probably where he lands.

Then there’s this from Bill Shanks: Braves assistant general manager Bruce Manno would not rule out the team pursuing free agent outfielder Johnny Damon saying Tuesday, “Never say never.”

Would you go two years on Damon? If the price is right, I say yes.




  1. I think I sign Damon if he’s willing to take $11M over two years. Atlanta has had worse outfields than a Damon/McLouth/Cabrera/Diaz tandem and that doesn’t even factor in Heyward. Clearly Damon is not primed to put up the numbers he did last season in the Bronx, but do I feel he helps the team? Absolutely. But think of the lineup possibilities.


    Nothing to shake a stick at.

  2. I’m on board. A guy like him contributes stuff you can’t measure in stats.

    In all fairness, I wrote that last year about GA (and I stand by it), so factor that into the mix if you’d like.

  3. Damon shows passion for the game, which can be contagious. If GA had passion for the game, he kept it well hid during his short stint with the Braves.

  4. I’d love to see Damon, but outfield doesn’t seem to be our biggest need. Maybe Melky could be traded or Damon moved to first.

    I see a Glaus/Branyan righty/lefty monster at first a better, more feasible idea.

  5. No. I like Damon but we already have two mediocre outfielders in McClouth and the Melkey Man. At his age, and with what he brings to the game, I do not feel that Damon is a good use of our money.

    I must be alone in that I do not look forward to 162 games of McLouth. I hope I am wrong.

  6. Dave O’Brien reported in his column in the AJC that McLouth was fitted for contacts in the offseason. He had experienced vision problems last season. That was the first I’d heard of it.

    Could we be stockpiling players to trade for Adrian Gonzales?

  7. Why do I have the feeling that for some reason or another, FW and the Braves will be making a feverish pitch to Damon come mid-to-late May if he isn’t signed already. I hope I’m wrong on this.

    I need to be fitted for contact lenses so that I can make it work on time.

  8. except for McClouth, all we have are backups and rookies so I would much prefer Damon in the lineup and he’s a proven winner (and an impact player) in the WORLD SERIES. …which, the team will need since even my beloved Mr. Cox is not. I wish they would sign him now and end the mystery!

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