What if Glavine and Maddux had used ‘roids?

Would you feel the same way about the glory years? I sure wouldn’t.

Manny and Ortiz were the offensive version of Glavine and Maddux when the Red Sox won their last two championships. Boston wouldn’t have smelled the playoffs without them. If individual achievements have been tainted by ‘roids, doesn’t the same apply to certain pennant-winning ballclubs?

I’m not picking on the Red Sox, though I have no reservations doing so. I’m just asking for a little consistency.



10 thoughts on “What if Glavine and Maddux had used ‘roids?

  1. Jsut to play the devil’s advocate, and point out how the steroid era has fucked everything up, how do we know Maddux and Glavine didn’t use roids?

  2. I feel like all of this is yet another reason that Dale Murphy should be in the Hall of Fame. He could have juiced to make his career take back off in 1989/90 but instead he had a natural decline and retired gracefully. I think back-to-back MVPs in the early 80’s, pre-needle, by a guy who never gave into the needle yet played in the ‘steriod era’ should be worth a lot more to the voters. If they’re not going to vote for guys who juiced and have the numbers/records, then why not also vote for the big names who did the right thing? Aren’t his intangibles more important now that the steriod freaks need to be shunned (like being the MVP of the Braves during the growth of a huge franchise including being the only reason anyone watched the Braves on a ‘super-station’ that launched a ton of cable channels. It is the hall of ‘fame’ isn’t it?)

    And maybe if the juicers numbers hadn’t warped things so much, Murphy would be in there already…

    I know he doesn’t ‘have the numbers’ but he could have if he would have juiced.

    How do we know Dawson wasn’t juicing when he had his resurgence in Chicago?

    But we KNOW that the Murph did not, and could not because of his character, ever use steroids, and that should be respected on a national level right now.

    I caught a comment of McGuire’s that he ‘played in the steriod era but everything is much better now’ (paraphrasing). I get the feeling that he has some intentional or subliminal double meanings in his word choices sometimes. Maybe he has some belief/knowledge that MLB allowed this monstrosity (or conspired) and thereby ‘used him’ to get the business back up after the strike season crushed the attendance, momentum, ratings, and growth.

    I think he was ruined by playing with Canseco so young. It’s his fault, but Jose was the dealer. …and you know LaRussa knew all about it. I wonder if Dave Stewart juiced that one year …he seemed a little ‘roided out’ sometimes.

  3. Scotty, I would be just as shocked if Dawson used as if Murph did. They’re equally good men in my eyes. MLB used a tighter ball in ’87, at least for part of the season. Look at Matt Nokes and Wally Joyner’s numbers. I know Wally admitted use later but he maintained it was a late career desperate stab to stay in the game and I tend to believe him. ’87 was just a whacky year. Even Murph had his career high in homers, IIRC.

    As for Maddux and Glavine, do those two dopes look like they used anything? Obviously, you never really know anyone, but I feel confident they’re clean. Unfortunately, because of gutless and clueless assholes like Clemens and Sosa, we’ll never really know for sure.

    As for teams, I have taken every possible opportunity to trash the “accomplishments” of the ’93 Phillies who were juiced to the hilt and I think it would be nice if someone would take a step back sometime and take a long look at the Yankees. I feel confident that Jeter and several other guys on those teams were okay, but they had Clemens, Giambi, Knoblauch and that waste of $3.46 worth of chemicals, Leyritz, among others, contributing to at least some of their success.

  4. From watching the “Chicks Dig The Long Ball” commercial, it is clear to me that Maddux and Glavine did not juice. Their bodies never changed and they never had any nagging injuries. I think nagging injuries to joints and bizzare changes in size are two of the biggest clues to someone juicing.

  5. Not to keep adding posts, but who DO we think was juicing in the Braves during the ’90’s?

  6. That is a good point. I second guessed my post after it went up. No one wants to point fingers or assume.

  7. I haven’t seen anything to indicate either Maddux or Glavine used anything. Their statistics show a natural progression, or regression, with age. Nothing suspicious at all. Clemens, of course, was better at 39 than he had been at 29. Yet no one said anything other than “Wow”. No other pitcher has surged the way Clemens did in the history of the game. I am serious. His numbers are that out-of-whack. Ban him for life. Ditto EVERY cheater. They didn’t just cheat the fans, but as your post and the responses understand, they cheated their fellow players. The MLBPA should sue ALL the cheaters as a class action on behalf of every player who was robbed by the cheaters.

  8. I think David Justice was on the roids, other possibilities include Javy Lopez, Rocker, Klesko

  9. Rocker admitted he used (big surprise). Shef showed up in the Mitchell Report. I’m sure they weren’t the only Braves to do it, and I’m 99 percent certain about a few others. But I’m not going to name names … although I wish Bret Boone hadn’t waited ’til he got to Seattle to start juicing. As a Brave he was benched in favor of Keith Lockhart. Two years later, he’s driving in 141 runs.

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