St. Louis fans cheer a cheater

On Sunday afternoon in the Hyatt Regency ballroom, 2,500 fans took their turn to join the parade of baseball fans willing to celebrate a confirmed baseball cheat, and they did it with a thunderous roar that nearly brought tears to McGwire’s eyes.

Jack Clark, who criticized McGwire’s lame admission that he used steroids to improve his health, was booed at that same event. I assume they would have booed Carlton Fisk, too, after the HOF catcher told it like it is in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

“That’s a crock,” Fisk said. “It’s just a crock. Look, there’s a reason they call it performance-enhancing drugs. That’s what it does: performance enhancement. You can be good, but it’s going to make you better. You can be average, but it is going to make you good. If you are below average, it is going to make you average. Some guys who went that route got their five-year, $35 million contracts and now are off into the sunset somewhere. Because once they can’t use (steroids) anymore, they can’t play anymore.

“And steroids, during that time, probably did as much to escalate players’ salaries as did free agency, as did arbitration, and all of that stuff. It did more than just put home runs up on the board or money in the guys’ pocket.”

If McGwire had been a Brave, I’d be embarrassed. I certainly wouldn’t be cheering.



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  1. St. Louis has a rep as a great Baseball town with knowledgable fans but McGwire has always scrambled their radar. I can remember them cheering in a game in ’98 when the opposing team evened the score late which guaranteed he would come back up in the bottom of the 9th. It was a pathetic spectacle.

    I love Pudge Fisk and I always liked Jack Clark. Many, MANY guys of their generation feel this way. I hope more of them pipe up like this.

  2. I read the article but still don’t know why Jack Clark was booed. I always liked Clark. Spent most of his career in Busch and Candlestick, probably the two toughest parks to homer in when he was active.

    The reader reactions to Burwell’s article are somewhat surprising, at least to me. No one wants to talk about it. They think Burwell is an ass for his story. Kinda like all those Germans after WWII who said, like McGwire, “Let’s just move on.”

    I suppose that Larussa feels some sort of debt to the freak and cheater who helped him win ball games. The whole thing stinks, and MLB will do nothing about it. I cannot stand the sight of Mark McGwire. If Willie Mays had had HGH he would have hit 80. Mays hit 52 one year, playing 81 games in Candlestick. Now there was a baseball player. McGwire is a ripoff and a weasel and I hope Eric Cartman kicks him in the nuts.

  3. I guess this shows apologize and all is forgiven. I’m not saying it’s right. It is what it is. St. Louis fans were looking to embrace McGwire and now 5 years later they get their chance. I think more guys need come out like Fisk. I’ve always liked Fisk. He doesn’t take the game lightly. Ask Deion Sanders. And now ask McGwire

  4. A real apology means you own up to what you did wrong. McGwire didn’t do that. I think less of him now than I did the day before the “apologized.”

  5. atlmalcontent nailed it. McGwire hasn’t really apologized, just added more lies to the pile.

  6. McGwire was — maybe still is — an obnoxious drunk. Saw him at Manuel’s during his A’s days pounding vodka tonics, actually asking someone to punch him in the shoulder. You know, like “Yeah, go ahead. It won’t hurt me!” I also know he was disinvited to an annual Christmas party by an Atlanta pro sports figure after that figure’s wife complianed about McGwire’s yearly drunken obnoxiousness.

  7. St. Louis was looking for any type of I’m sorry. Sorry for using them even though they really didn’t help me will suffice for them. McGwire will never come completely clean, nor will anyone who took steroids. No one is making them.

  8. Has anyone ever wondered which braves actually were on the juice? I mean come on, every team has been affected and just because the list is not public doesn’t mean there is not any Braves on it. Look back at the 03 year and you see guys that you have to think may have had a little help. Javy Lopez, Andruw, Marcus Giles would be my first choice. Sheffield we all know was doing it but anyone in the 5 year period (2000-2004) has to be a suspect, even Chipper. And Pitchers were doing it too. Honestly I don’t think Maddox and Glavine were using because their bodys remained tiny but Smoltz I don’t know he did have a lot injuries during that time. It’s easy to slame mcgurie but he and Sosa and Bonds had lot’s company.

  9. Andruw? I just don’t see it. I did wonder at times about Ron Gant. He did come out with his muscular physique before the ’90 season, a look that was still unusual at the time. And Marcus Giles? Oh hell yeah….

  10. The sad part is everyone who played during this time frame is looked at differently. Andruw would be suspect to me not because of the numbers he put up in 05/06 but the way his body fell apart after that. I think a lot of guys used stuff just to maintain and when they stopped the body fell apart.

  11. Rocker admitted it, I believe. I think Javy and Galarraga are likely suspects, too. Giles seemed on the edge of roid rage at all times.

  12. Ron Gant had essentially that same body in Durham in ’86 and he still has it. If he was on anything, he still is, which seems kind of nuts and outside his personality. Some guys are just blessed.

    I think we all agree on Giles. He’s a classic case of a guy who had a talent level just below what you need to play in the majors. Properly supplimented, a guy like that can be an All Star.

    For a while.

    At least he didn’t beat up his pregnant girlfriend in public.

  13. Ronnie Gant was a specimen. His career hit the skids after he had the motorcycle/ATV accident. Which would tell me he probably didn’t use. If there was a time, after the accident that would have been it.

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