Broadcastron 3000 rehired

teamspirit2_090407_460The Braves have rehired Bob Rathbun to replace the departing Jon “Boog” Sciambi, the team’s primary broadcast partner confirmed late Friday.

“Bob is a true professional, and his enthusiastic presence will be a welcome addition to SportSouth and FSN South telecasts,” said a network spokesperson.

Rathbun previously worked as a Braves broadcaster from 1997 to 2006. “You’ll notice the team hasn’t been to the playoffs since I’ve been away,” joked Rathbun.

The Braves are expected to add Brian Jordan to Braves telecasts, joining Rathbun and the returning Joe Simpson. Jerome Jurenovich will also enjoy an increased presence on 2010 telecasts, acting as a roving stadium reporter.

“We’re looking to add a little more fun to the telecasts [in 2010],” the spokesperson said.


13 thoughts on “Broadcastron 3000 rehired

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  1. I like it Bob is one of my favorites!!!!!!!
    Sorry if y’all don’t like him, but he is very good…
    Johnny tallant

  2. I wonder if we could get Sterling back?

    What would be his catch phrase? “A haymaker! From Heyward! Exit stage left, even!”

  3. “We’re looking to add a little more fun to the telecasts [in 2010].” You mean butt cut guy and the cow aren’t fun enough?

  4. “I’m sure that Dave will see this as a levelheaded business decision.”

    Hell no.

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