MLB’s plan to fix ailing ratings: more McCarver

tim-mccarver-79Yeah, that’ll work. Turns out baseball’s Golden Age, as the Used Car Salesman likes to call it, isn’t so golden. Fox met with MLB officials recently to “brainstorm.”

“The purpose of the meeting is to find a way to boost the ratings for the All-Star Game and the World Series,” he said. Plans include showing baseball movies on Sunday afternoons on Fox’s sister channel FX, and promotional ads with broadcasters Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

Apparently speeding up the game wasn’t discussed.


“There is only the curvilinear progression of the ball”

(via The Onion)

Saying that there are no pitchers, fielders, or batters, only numbers and statistics, radical sabermetrician Kyle Osterman theorized Wednesday that there is no such thing as baseball.

“Some say people wear gloves.”

Do they? Why? There is no ball. There is only the curvilinear progression of the ball,” said Osterman, who later broke down Bill Mazeroski’s World Series–winning home run into nothing more than a combination of likelihood estimates that are systematically null and void because, as Osterman said, “There really was no such thing as Bill Mazeroski.” “Everything that happens on the field is part of a predetermined numbers matrix. Every final outcome is fixed, so ultimately, there can be no game.”

Wren in Mississippi

The Braves GM is skipping the West Coast swing to watch his phenoms. FW did not rule out a promotion for Heyward.

“We’re always evaluating, not only what is best for our big club, but what is best for the individual player,” Wren said. “Jason has done a very good job here. My philosophy has been that as players progress through your system, they’ll always let you know when they are ready for a promotion.”

Heyward’s numbers at Pearl: .415 BA, 11 doubles, 4 HR, 21 RBI, 15 BB and 10 K’s. His OPS is a Pujols-like 1.198.